Secureteam.Net improves Its .NET Code Pprotection Module CliSecure
02/02/2011 announces the launch of its much awaited improved version of .NET code protection module CliSecure.

Online PR News – 02-February-2011 – – SecureTeam Inc Irvine, CA Feb 1, 2011, a website dedicated to provide code protection tools for the .NET Community is proud to announce its recent improved launch of a .NET code protection module. With, users are able to protect their Intellectual property which may be in the form of codes of software or any application developed on the .NET Framework.

“CliSecure .NET code protection module offers better protection for your .NET code by providing a protection that goes beyond standard obfuscation methods. The protection employed by CliSecure completely hides the IL code stored in the assembly methods, replacing the method bodies with empty method stubs.,” says a highly placed official in Secureteam. CliSecure had been launched in 2006 and since then it has been a real hit with coders looking for a holistic protection module for their .NET Applications.

CliSecure copy protection module provides unmatched security and flexibility; it can be used to easily provide trials, hardware locking and subscription licenses to existing products.

The License Manager makes it easy to design license schemes and then integrate them into existing Visual Studio projects using the Visual Studio project wizard.

Currently has a wide array of protection mechanism in its techniques that are employed to protect corporate as well as individuals from malicious attacks and pilferage. As most applications used and built in the .NET framework are being used extensively thus Secureteam’s commitment to keep the digital world secure are highly commendable.

To protect its users, Secureteam has .net Obfuscators, encryption and many other techniques that can be deployed according to the needs and levels of protection or the kind of protection required by the client.