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Rescue Chair is a uniquely designed emergency chair that rides the victims down the stairs.

Online PR News – 02-November-2009 – – Rescue Chair containing rear rubber belt threads which ride victims down the stairs assisting occupants of multi-story buildings when fighting fires, medical responses, earthquakes and terrorism.

Another primary purpose of Rescue Chair™ is to utilize our patented design to ride occupants down the stairs during gas leaks, mechanical or chemical explosions in a high-rise buildings suffer extended loss of electrical power or in situations elevators can not function. The AOK Rescue Chair™ keeps emergencies from becoming tragedies. Enables virtually any able-bodied man or woman to single-handedly evacuate a helpless person to safety, down flights of stairs.

Rescue Chair™ reduces fear of occupants in multi-story buildings who are unable to walk or navigate the stairs. The patented design of this emergency chair is to ride safely down the stairs during evacuation of schools, hospitals and nursing homes such as when a hurricane approaches.

Rescue Chair™ offers maximum load capacity up to 330 pounds. This emergency is extremely easy to use within 5 seconds. Our customers love this chair because this chair does not require assembly. It rides effortlessly down the stairs while in use.

Rescue Chair™ is a perfect evacuation chair because anyone can become disabled and may need to navigate stairs from a commercial office, residential apartment building or from multi-story homes.

The Rescue Chair™ can ride down the stairs and evacuate people who may be stuck on upper floors. It offers controlled descent down the stairs based upon rubber-belted treads and friction system allows for steady, regulated descent and easily pivots in a tight 3-foot circle on landings and rolls freely over most surfaces.

Rescue Chair™ That Rides the Stairs

During a visit to California the owners of AOK Global Products, LTD witnessed distressed hotel guests abandoned in their respective wheelchairs on upper floors because there was no method of evacuating immobile guests during an emergency. AOK Global Products, Ltd. immediately began the design and development of our patented Rescue Chair™ to ride down the stairs for use as an emergency chair or evacuation chair. The Rescue Chair™ easily folds to 8 ¾”.