John Terry memorabilia on the rise with Sports Idols

Kent based memorabilia specialist Sports Idols has unveiled its impressive collection of John Terry memorabilia.

Online PR News – 02-February-2011 – – The collection includes genuine John Terry autographs and authenticated John Terry signed memorabilia. Fans and collectors will be able to choose from a wealth of images some showing Terry in action for Chelsea, others taken at cup ceremonies such as the F.A Cup and Champions League.

Serious collectors will be interested in Sports Idols more “up-market” John Terry football memorabilia: a pair of shirts signed by the player. The shirts are separate items, one Chelsea and one England – they are the correct size, and show the player’s name and number. In both cases John Terry autographs adorn the shirts just under the player’s name.

All of Sports Idols John Terry signed memorabilia is fully authenticated and can be purchased either framed or unframed. They’re unique to Sports Idols and offer fans an unrivalled chance to get their hands on real kit from a player in his prime. Who knows, with luck fortunate purchasers could be buying John Terry autographs that will mature in price as Sports Idols have items that have been signed the year England won the World Cup.

All the players likely to be in the England squad will be the subject of memorabilia speculation. Fans and investors alike know that John Terry football memorabilia dated from the year of a World Cup win will increase in value rapidly. To own a piece of John Terry memorabilia connected with England’s first major tournament win in 34 years would hold immeasurable value for a fan and for a collector.

So how much could genuine John Terry memorabilia conceivably fetch, in the aftermath of a World Cup win? Given that a piece of Wembley memorabilia signed by Geoff Hurst retails for over £500 (and that wasn’t even signed until the 21st century), one can reasonably expect it to be a lot. The provenance date of the article in question is important: John Terry memorabilia signed in the same year as a World Cup win will, in years to come, fetch the same kind of prices as Geoff Hurst memorabilia from 1966 would – i.e. hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of pounds.

There’s a window here for the smart collector/fan, picking up Wayne Rooney memorabilia now seems like a pretty good idea. John Terry autographs aren’t going to decrease in value, so a speculative buyer certainly isn’t going to waste any money and buying now could mean collaring the market on a goldmine.

It’s no wonder, then, that Sports Idols are extremely proud of their new collection of John Terry memorabilia.