Bikini Hair Removal Solution - Launches Waxing and Shaving Review Article
02/01/2011 launches the most two popular bikini hair removal method review article.

Online PR News – 01-February-2011 – – According to clinical study, there are two most popular temporary methods to remove bikini line hair, shaving and waxing. Survey shown that most of people love these methods because there are so simple and absolutely low risk compare to others.

“The purpose we review these two methods is requested from our existing customers. Many of them requested us to review the differences between these two methods, they keen to know which method is more suitable for them.” Said Georginia Lee, Founder and President of had reviewed these two methods into detail such as contraindications, speed, difficulty, and cost and so on. You can compare these two methods in the table form.

One of the differences between these two methods is duration time of treatment. We need at least 30 to 60 minutes to do the waxing job; on the other hand, Shaving your bikini hair removal just as fast as 3 minutes.

“Both waxing and shaving are so popular because each of them has their absolute advantage. You are advised to read our review before you remove your bikini line hair.” Said Georginia Lee, Founder and President of