Puxee.com: A Hot New Online Advertising Marketplace

A hot new online advertising marketplace

Online PR News – 01-February-2011 – – Puxee.com is a hot new advertising marketplace this is looking to make it easier for advertisers to work with publishers to buy highly targeted advertising space, as well as making the process of managing an advertising inventory easier for the publishers.

Set-up by brothers David & Jonathan Shaw in early 2001, Puxee offers many benefits for publishers and advertisers alike.

Publishers who use Puxee can benefit from:
• Super Fast Ad Code: The advertising code used by Puxee is one of the fastest around. It has been designed so that the code has no effect on the load time of the publishers’ blog.
• High-Payouts: Puxee offers publishers a 75% payout on ad revenue. Large websites and blog networks are also able to negotiate a higher payout rate.
• Instant Payment: One of the biggest benefits of Puxee is the instant payment feature. Most advertising networks keep hold of the publishers’ earnings until they reach a set limit or until they request payment. On Puxee publishers get paid directly into their PayPal account when they accept an advert from an advertiser.

Advertisers who use Puxee can take advantage of the following benefits:
• Fixed Advertising Costs: All ads are sold for a fixed price for 30 days. This makes for more transparent advertising costs up-front.
• Real-Time Stats: Advertisers using Puxee can see the effectiveness of their advertising in real-time by tracking stats such as impressions and clicks.
• Demographics: Puxee provides in-depth information about its publisher’s websites; this includes demographic information such as the locations of the blogs visitors. This allows advertisers to highly target their ads to their target market.

“After years of blogging and selling advertising directly we realised that the process was time-consuming and negotiations with advertisers were often difficult to close. We set about creating a service that made the whole process extremely simple and quick. Puxee.com is the result of that process.” – David Shaw, Director.