Aditech Justlook introducing the newest 'No Human Touch' Technology

Aditech JustLook is bringing a newer technology security system. Through this it is reducing all the limitations that people used to face with the conventional methods.

Online PR News – 02-November-2009 – – In today's world security is provided through either by paper registration process or through finger print devices, where all these methods lacking reliability. Aditech JustLook keeping the concern of reliability is now going to offer the clients with the 'no human touch' means based on face recognition technology.

Aditech JustLook is a firm specialized for providing security solutions through face recognition technology that promotes 'no human touch' means. Aditech JustLook is in the market since long satisfying the needed customers by fulfilling their expectation.

Aditech JustLook's face recognition solution is mainly based on the capturing of facial details. That means, the solution grants the authentication based on the facial analysis. When the person gets enrolled first, the facial details will be stored in the database of the computer. During the next visit the system will capture the individual's facial details and will try to match with the already stored patterns. If it will get a match then authentication will be granted otherwise it will be denied.

Based on this concept the face recognition technology works. Aditech JustLook will provide you three different products that are based on facial recognition technology. Those three products are:

• Time Attendance System:
This system can be used to keep track of the regular attendance of the individuals. Based on the collected data it can also help to calculate the payroll of the employee.

• Access Control System:
This system can be used to provide the access rights for the secure access of resources.

• Visitor Management System:

This system can be used to keep track of the visitors visiting the premise. The in-time and out-time can be noted as well as blacklisting of individuals can also be done. Alarm can also be buzzed depending on the requirement.

All these systems can be implied to solve the daily security needs. Aditech JustLook is thus now ready to provide you with the various security solutions.

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