New Site Launches on a Firm Foundation

Best Foundation Companies have just announced the launch of their flagship website

Online PR News – 31-January-2011 – – Ken Fry, head of Marketing for Best Foundation Companies has stated that, “It is our goal to remove the headache from finding qualified and trustworthy foundation contractors. Foundation repair or raising is an expensive home repair and one in which the home owner must be assured of receiving the best job possible from their chosen contractor.”

Towards these ends, Best Foundation Companies have deployed a web based solution which does indeed seem to help assure buyers will get the best from their chosen foundations specialist.

The functionality of the site is entirely streamlined; even a novice internet user will be able to find their way around. A simple web form is presented, consisting of several check boxes and a single field to accept the visitor’s ZIP code. Once this short form is submitted, the site returns the contact details for three qualified foundation contractors within the visitor’s local area.

Ken Fry is quick to point out that, “We wanted to make the whole process of finding a foundation repair contractor as simple as possible. We firmly believe that we have accomplished this goal, it is a simple 30 second task for visitors to the site to be furnished with three highly skilled contractors, who will be located close to them.”

With a name like Best Foundation Companies, with a site URL to match it, then we should expect the site to deliver and it does. Whether the visitor is seeking foundation repair or foundation raising, they are almost completely assured of being put in touch with local experts.

How about the foundation contractors themselves? What are the benefits and where is the value in them becoming registered for the site? Consider the fact that on-line and electronic marketing currently accounts for a high percentage of all marketing costs across the board. There are certain industries, such as construction, which so far have not exploited this brave new digital world fully. By becoming a registered foundation contractor, these providers are availing themselves of a sleek and efficient vehicle for carrying their digital marketing needs.

Ken Fry tells us that, “We have had entirely positive feedback from our associated foundation contractors since the launch of the site. This really is a fire and forget marketing solution for them, they provide us with their contact details, and we send them healthy, local sales leads. What more could they ask for?”

Indeed, we can clearly see that construction is one particular industry which seems to fit this method of sales lead generation perfectly, so perfectly that it is quite staggering to realize that nobody seems to have come to this conclusion before. The people behind this site, Best Foundation Companies, have certainly hit upon a virtual gold mine, and one which is likely to exhibit spectacular longevity.

Those who like to speculate may be wondering if this site launch is a pre-runner to a much large launch at a later date, which will incorporate a wider range of construction related tasks, which can be matched to relevant contractors. Currently the site appears to work flawlessly, with both the consumer and the contractor finding themselves pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the Best Foundation Companies solution.


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