Squadhelp Sees Increased Use of Crowdsourcing as Businesses Seek More Value

Crowdsourcing industry leader Squadhelp.com recently announced 60% increase in the use of its services as crowdsourcing becomes more mainstream and entrepreneurs and small business owners seek to save even more money in 2011.

Online PR News – 31-January-2011 – – Squadhelp announced that for the previous quarter, businesses have turned to crowdsourcing in significantly higher numbers relative to volumes seen in Q3. With its comprehensive array of crowdsourcing contests that enable sponsors to engage with contestants for help with practically any business activity, Squadhelp.com is leading the way in terms of helping businesses become more nimble and efficient in their use of scarce resources. With a persistent weak economy, businesses are increasingly getting the message, and Squadhelp is seeing this transformation through a rise in contests being sponsored.

Squadhelp attributes its success to several factors. Internally, Squadhelp has done much to reinforce its reputation as the go-to place for all things related to crowdsourcing. By providing crowdsourcing contests for businesses in practically any point of their maturity lifecycle, Squadhelp casts a wider net, enabling it to help startups with viral marketing campaigns, as well as more established businesses seeking conversion optimization assistance, for instance.

Externally, Squadhelp credits increased awareness as well as high profile adoptions of crowdsourcing as the reason for the rise in use of crowdsourcing by businesses. When the Mayor of NY underscores crowdsourcing as integral to his approach toward governing the city, the head of Public Works in England engages crowdsourcing to assist them in their affairs, and even the National Public Radio engages the crowd to help it discover facts, that is indisputable proof that crowdsourcing has hit the mainstream.

Ultimately, it is the potential to receive high quality results while saving significant sums of money that will drive businesses to crowdsourcing sites like Squadhelp. Yet potential will only go so far, as crowdsourcing intermediaries need to ensure that businesses find their offerings relevant; that is, their contest categories must align with business needs, and their platform must be reliable over the long run to ensure loyalty. Squadhelp recognizes the aforementioned, and is constantly working to improve its service platform. Squadhelp’s badges, messaging center and rating system are all a testament to their ongoing improvement efforts, enabling an increased amount of collaboration among its contestants.

Recent additions such as the unlimited listing option have been well received by the business community. A $99 fee enables contest holders to launch unlimited contests throughout the year without having to pay for each individual listing. Feedback on the recently launched invitation-only contest format has been positive, with businesses praising the ability to open up participation only to a select group of contestants to enable the confidentiality of their business idea.

"We continue to develop our innovative platform to ensure that our contests are relevant and that our business constituents can avail themselves of services at very attractive prices," explains Rachel Shaw of Squadhelp.com.

Helping small businesses accomplish their marketing and branding activities by crowd sourcing to an army of experts at a fraction of cost of hiring an agency.

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