New Year Special Discount Coupon Offers on Liquor Outlet

Liquor Outlet, widely considered to be one of the best places for buying alcoholic beverages in NJ, is offering a range of special offers New Year.

Online PR News – 23-December-2017 – Franklin Park, – New Jersey, December 2017: Liquor Outlet, widely considered to be one of the best places for buying alcoholic beverages in New Jersey, is offering a range of special offers this Christmas till New Year. The established store is known for its expansive collection of wines, beers and other types of spirits and is a popular place for connoisseurs of various alcohols.

Liquor Outlet also regularly holds tasting events where visitors can have a taste of the finest wines on offer. The collection has a lot of wines from Spain, Italy and France but wines from South America are also quite popular. Both bottled beers and large crates or packs of beer can be brought here at Liquor Outlet. If you are interested in spirits, the store has a large collection of vodkas, bourbons, whiskeys, rums and scotch whiskeys.

The store boasts one of the biggest collections and not only has fine classics but also popular new arrivals. Some expensive bottles are being offered at a good discount but these offers all expire on December 31, 2017, so make sure you hurry up and refill your stock as soon as possible.
• Hennessy VSOP: 750 ml gift pack at $49.99
• Jim Beam Apple: 750 ml gift pack at $18.99
• Glenmorangie: 750 ml 10-year special gift pack at $39.99
• Ardbeg single malt: 750 ml gift pack at $54.99
• Johnnie Walker: 750 ml Blue Label at $179.01
• Diamore Amaretto: 750 ml gift pack at $12.99
• Diamore Sambuca: 750 ml gift pack at $12.99
• Bolla Pino Grigio& Chianti: 750 ml gift pack at $18.99
• Cavit Pino Grigio& Pinot Noir: 750 ml gift pack at $18.99
• Stolichnaya Vodka 80: 750 ml gift pack with 2 glasses at $21.99
• Grey Goose: 1.75lbottle at $49.99
• Absolut Vodka: 1.75l bottle at $29.09
• Khortysta Platinum Vodka: 750 ml gift pack at $14.99

These were some of the top offers which have been very well received by patrons of Liquor Outlet. There are other offers available too for which you can visit the official website of Liquor Outlet. It must also be kept in mind that these offers are valid with coupon only which is also available on the website click Here more Coupons at

As a store, Liquor Outlet have taken their passion for alcohol to the next level and keep trying to make sure clients are always fulfilled and never left wanting. The significance of class, the importance of distinct flavours and the notions you share with your drink are always respected here. The Liquor Outlet knows how to turn your every memory into a special experience through their collection of wines and bourbons that are known all over the world.

An astonishing collection of more than 8000 wines alone from different parts of the world is a testament to the dedication and passion that this store and its employees share their work. Throughout the years they have figured out how to separate the premium from ordinary, and have united the finest of brands and their first-rate items.

It is not only the spirits which make Liquor Outlet a special place but also everyone that works here, with their extensive knowledge about their products.