HB LED & LED Packaging market having high-growth field in the semiconductor industry

Bharatbook.com added a new report on "HB LED & LED Packaging 2009" which gives LED market analysis report with detailed descriptions of process, equipment and materials for LED assembly.

Online PR News – 02-November-2009 – – HB LED & LED Packaging 2009

The market is a high-growth field in the semiconductor industry. The supply chain is filled with various players from LED die manufacturers (Epistar, Forepi,…), to LED assembly suppliers (Harvatek, Citizen, Liteon, Samsung,….) to fully integrated players (Lumileds, Osram, Toyoda Gosei…) In the wide range of LED packaging solutions, this report describes the existing packaging process flow, materials and equipment and the main evolution in the coming years. The report highlights the main technical challenges, current solutions and future trends.This report also includes market analysis on equipment, materials and services. ( http://www.bharatbook.com/Market-Research-Reports/HB-LED-LED-Packaging-2009.html )

LED devices have been split in 2 categories:
* Regular LED
* High Brightness, Ultra High Brightness LED

The main processes are presented for both groups : Dicing , Die bonding, Electrical interconnect, Thermal management, Encapsulation


For the 2 types of LED, assembly approach is not the same.
* Regular LED packaging process flow is based on standard IC process and almost the same standard material. The main reason is cost because regular LED are low cost products (< $0.10)
* As a future lighting source, HB/UHB LED packaging should have good optical properties, high thermal dissipation and high reliability. The better product is a right combination between optical, thermal and reliability.

It is possible today to make that perfect product, but the cost would be so high that it will not be successful. A choice has to be made for each application: for example, optical efficiency for LCD backlighting and thermal management for automotive lighting.


Unlike regular LED, no standards currently exist for packaging of HB-LED. Each LED vendor has their own proprietary design for most aspects of the assembly process flow. Cost is the primary driver and cheaper solutions with the best optical or thermal properties are under investigation. Main goals are the reduction of the number parts, use of less expensive material,…..

A major issue today is that the LED manufacturing process is made on 2 or 3 inches wafers that create handling issues on equipment. We believe that the move to 4 then 6 or 8 inch wafers will allow more standardized solutions using regular processes and equipment. In particular there is a big trend for Wafer Level Packaging of silicon LED modules which aims at pushing LED to the general lighting market.


* Detailed process flow of LED packaging (dicing step, electrical interconnect, substrates,….)
* Market trends and figures for linked material and equipment (in million $, in number of units, ASP,…..)
* Key drivers for each technology & material in use
* Supply chain analysis: who is doing what?

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