AuctionVille Provides Cost Per Click Advertising for Less Than a Penny
11/02/2009 recently implemented a new CPC (Cost Per Click) program on November 1, 2009. This new CPC advertising program will save advertisers hundreds of dollars every year!

Online PR News – 02-November-2009 – – Many times advertisers pay anywhere from $0.50 - $2.00 per click when advertising on Google, Facebook or MySpace. Unfortunately for many small businesses, this can become very expensive over night!

If advertisers are interested in advertising their business, AuctionVille have provided several campaign options that begin at only $0.05 per click and options that are as low as $0.001 per click. That’s 1/10th of a penny!! Remember, CPC is guaranteed traffic to your site. The number of clicks advertisers purchase will only be deducted if the viewer clicks on their link and is redirected to their site!

AuctionVille offers three separate categories when purchasing CPC Advertising to include Rotational Campaigns, Category Campaigns and Home Page Campaigns.

To begin advertising, you must register as a member of AuctionVille. This is FREE and you do not have to buy or sell on AuctionVille after you register if you do not wish. After you register for a free account, you will need to decide which Campaign you wish to purchase. Once you have decided, you will need to click on the Contact Us link on the AuctionVille homepage, and let them know that you that you are interested in advertising and which Campaign you wish to purchase.

Once AuctionVille receives your request of advertising, they will contact you by Email requesting your banner (no larger than 728 x 90 – the size of a Google Leaderboard). They will also need the link that your traffic will be directed to after they click on your banner. Your banner will be seen throughout the entire site on every page and will be set up on a rotation with some of our other advertisers. Once again, advertisers will be guaranteed traffic, since clicks will only be deducted if the viewer clicks on the advertisers banner! Please note this is a family, friendly site. All campaigns will be reviewed and approved before it is accepted for advertising.

Once AuctionVille receives your advertising information, it takes just minutes to set up your banner link. Once they have your banner and link ready, they will send you a Request For Payment through PayPal. After payment for your campaign is received, your campaign will be launched!

In addition, AuctionVille will provide advertisers with a status, once a week, on the number of clicks they have received from the viewers on AuctionVille. This allows the advertiser to see how well their banner is generating traffic.

To begin advertising your business or exciting product, visit today!