Chinese President Brings Unique Challenge to a Local Event Company

Like many new business opportunities, the one Ken Buckman received the week before Christmas began with a request for proposal. Simple enough: the prospective client wanted a 20,000 square foot exhibit display space to be fitted with 11 exhibit booths, inlaid carpets, full wood flooring, central viewing area for several autos and large technology exhibits, exclusive use, and oh by the way, maximum security. That was the first hint of future requirements. There would be six days for set-up, supervision throughout by the US Secret Service and no site access beginning six hours in advance of the event until three hours prior to the event. Police security would have to set secure perimeters, close roads, provide air security and conduct a full canine-assisted sweep.

Online PR News – 28-January-2011 – – When he was awarded the contract – one of five major contracts already received in 2011-- Ken Buckman, CEO of Tradetec Skyline, learned it was for a mini international trade exposition that would showcase the shared economic successes of US and Chinese businesses. The audience was to be the much publicized Chinese President, Hu Jintao and his delegation visiting the US on a state visit for the first time in over 14 years. On January 21, 2011, Chicago and Mayor Richard Daley and the China General Chamber of Commerce USA, with close oversight from the Chinese Consulate, hosted the president of China.

I had other options but it really came down to trusting Ken Buckman and his team to get everything done perfectly and on time. There was no margin for error at this important trade exposition and Tradetec Skyline performed flawlessly.

Ken stated: “Coming from the White House to Chicago and to my event, I knew every detail had to far exceed the expectations of my client and the entire delegation. I called together the Tradetec Skyline management team and we laid out a plan to execute this event with laser accuracy.”
Tradetec transformed 65,000 square feet of warehouse space from bare concrete, no electricity, and minimal heat, to a showpiece with over ¼ mile 20 foot tall drape suspended in a free form oval shape. The former warehouse space boasted 10,000 square feet of wood laminate floors, 10,000 square feet of custom-cut carpet, complete electrical service, including transformers and switches, floating balloon movie set lighting, and secure areas with escape routes for the President, US Secret Service, and State Department personnel. There was even a Presidential portable toilet installed. Temporary heating for the 65,000 square foot warehouse was delivered from semi’s in the parking lot. A stage and sound system were installed for the press conference that was simulcast to over 1 billion people and over 45 media outlets worldwide.

According to Pin Ni, CEO of Wanxiang America – one of the companies featured in the expo and also a Vice President of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce USA -- “I had other options but it really came down to trusting Ken Buckman and his team to get everything done perfectly and on time. There was no margin for error at this important trade exposition and Tradetec Skyline performed flawlessly.”
Ken said, “Clients buy integrity and energy when they contract with Tradetec Skyline. I can’t tell you how many clients I have won when others have dropped the ball. We are all about precision, performance and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Tradetec Skyline in metropolitan Chicago has been in business since 1999. During that time the firm has served over 6000 clients, and completed more than 30,000 projects in Europe, Asia, Canada, Mexico and the Middle East and every state in the US. Tradetec provides clients with exhibit design, exhibit displays and stands, exhibit graphics and production, exhibit storage, online event management, and a proprietary event metrics tracking system. Tradetec Skyline’s rental display fleet is one of the industry’s largest. With clients ranging from manufacturers, government entities, business services, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, and more, Tradetec Skyline supports corporate events, conventions, trade shows, sales meetings, and human resources events that engage clients, employees and prospects, and deliver documented lead development, new business opportunities, and audience engagement. Tradetec Skyline was a winner of the INC 5000 fastest growing companies in America award in both 2008/9 and 2009/10.

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