Digital Marketers India Announced Digital Marketing Service for Holiday Season

Digital Marketers India Announced Digital Marketing Service to help businesses increase their lead generation and brand awarenes.

Online PR News – 19-December-2017 – Ahmedabad – Digital Marketers India has been a known name in the digital marketing industry due to its client centric digital marketing services. The company has been making innovative moves in the industry by bringing creative services in the market. The recent announcement made by the director of the company follows this tradition. Below is the recitation of the announcement made by Ash Vyas, Director, Digital Marketers India:

“This is the time to grab the attention of consumers who are ready to purchase. We will help businesses with our expert digital marketing services to convert this holiday season in the blossoming business season.”

She further shared, “40% of total sales is made during the winter holiday time and any business can turn its fortune if it takes the best moves in digital channels such as social networking websites. With the growth of social media and online business, even a small brand can compete against big brands without huge investments. All they need to do is running the right digital marketing campaigns. The businesses may not have required time and resources so we can help them with our expertise by running creative SMM and paid ad campaigns to generate brand awareness, leads and sales.”, shared the representative of Digital Marketers India.

The company has also shared some helpful tips and growth hacking tactics on digital marketing and social media marketing during the holiday season to create a winning marketing strategy on their business website Blog. The blogs can be helpful to digital marketers to devise an effective digital marketing and social media marketing strategy. According to the shared Blog and information by the company’s spokesperson, the most effective digital marketing activities are:
1. Social Media Marketing
2. Paid Ads

The digital marketing expert of the company advocated her comments about the best digital marketing platforms by sharing her experience, “SEO activities take time and the holiday season will come and go within a blink. Thus, SEO is not that effective to start with. If you are already on top with your SEO, this is great. Still, you must use paid ads to boost your best selling products and services. This is important to grab the attention of a consumer and lead generation. The social media marketing is the best digital marketing channel because most of the people are either on vacations or preparing for the holidays. Thus, they spend a lot of time on social networking platforms during the holiday season. They browse through different products, services and just news feed, in which, their friends are sharing about their vacations and purchases. It is easier to capture their attention with the best and strategic digital marketing plan.”

According to the shared details, the company is helping digital marketers and businesses with tips and tricks to devise a holiday marketing strategy which works at its best still expertise can’t be replaced with the experiments. Also, this is not the time for experiments; this is the time for action. We can help businesses with our digital marketing expertise. For more details, the businesses can reach them by visiting their website: