Due to the customer need for minimal friction and character change in metal stamping, the model 50P numbering machine has been adapted to become the model 250P allowing for hot stamping applications.

Online PR News – 29-January-2011 – – (December 10, 2010) – Due to customer demand, Numberall has adapted its Model 50P Automatic Numbering Machine for hot stamping applications. When used in conjunction with a hot stamp press, a colored numbering sequence can be stamped into the product. The Model 250P (Model 50P with hot stamping option) can be used to “brand” a consecutive number into a product when used with a conventional power press.
The new equipment, The Model 250P is designed to allow for thermal expansion. There are also a couple of design changes to minimize friction and aid in character changes.
The hot stamping option incorporates heating elements, design changes and extra assembly time to thoroughly insure the Model 250P will work properly with heat. A temperature controller is an available option that is highly recommended. The heating element located in the wheel shaft provides an efficient means of heating the Model 250P. These options are also adapted for hot stamping. The air tripping attachment utilizes air cylinders with heat resistant seals and bumpers. An insulated mounting plate insulates the Model 250P from the press helping to prevent heat loss to the ram of the press.
Numberall also has other manual and quick change numbering machines that can be adapted for hot stamping. For a complete catalog with pricing, contact information is below.