Acorn Sales Co. Named Silver Manufacturer of the Year

Manufacturer of stamps, seals, Embossers and Library Embosser, Acorn Sales Co., Increases Sales 35 Percent

Online PR News – 29-January-2011 – – Acorn Sales Co. of Richmond, Virginia has been named the 2010 Silver Manufacturer of the Year thanks to its 35 percent increase in sales.

Adam Raidabaugh, who took over the business from his father in 2002, says that the company’ s big Internet marketing initiative was one of its biggest contributors to the past year’ s success. “ What we have done has been on the microscopic level: a lot of small tweaks, and also what everyone battles with—simply adding and updating online products,” he says. “ I did a lot of that myself, but we’ ve got a handful of guys overseas who worked on the tedious side of the site non-stop for about a year. Now we’ re able to see results.”

Acorn’ s biggest focus has been on making it easy even for Internet newbies to create and purchase products through the company website. “ There are a lot of people who are Web savvy and are comfortable placing Web orders, but when you have someone who is making his first or second purchase online, we try to make it as easy as possible for the customer,” Adam Raidabaugh of Acorn Sales Co. says. “ One thing that did make a huge impact with our Web sales in 2008 was that we did a lot of programming in our checkout process, taking it down from a 4-step process to a 1-page checkout process. That immediately led to a huge increase in sales. Pretty much overnight we saw about a 20-percent jump.”

This has prompted Adam Raidabaugh of Acorn Sales Co. to gather as much information as he can to improve those visitors’ experiences and hopefully win their loyalty. “ We had an order follow-up survey to aggressively gather feedback from our customers. Once they fill it out, we give them a coupon toward their next purchase,” he says. “ The response is much better than I would have expected, but out of all the orders we probably have a 10 to 15 percent response rate for the survey link, which I know is pretty high. I’ ve been real pleased with the results there. It also helps identify customer usability problems with the website.”

Adam Raidabaugh believes that investing in Internet infrastructure is worthwhile for anyone in the stamp business. “ I couldn’ t imagine not having a website. I think that if you don’ t have a website, you should have one. I had that battle with my dad coming in here, because he always thought it was the dumbest thing in the world to do and just a big waste of money,” he says. “ I’ ve found the best return on investment has been anything computer related, and that includes hiring programmers even for something simple like a short macro. It pays to have something done in record time.”