Fosamax Lawsuit: New Fosamax Lawsuit Website Launched To Help Victims Know

Osteoporosis can be caused by conditions such as postmenopausal disorder, steroid intake, lack of calcium, or Vitamin B Complex. To address this problem, physicians would normally prescribe Fosamax and other biphosphonate drugs to slow down bone loss.

Online PR News – 29-January-2011 – – A new website, Fosamax lawsuit Info, intending to help victims of the Fosamax drug was recently released to the public. Apparently, Fosamax which is used as a drug treatment for osteoporosis has negative side effects causing further bone fractures to the patient.

The site,, provides information and support to patients who are currently suffering or have suffered from the bad complications caused by their Fosamax treatment. Victims will be able to get through this website a free compensation evaluation and within as short as 24 hours, they will know if they do qualify for compensation. If it’s the case, then they will be contacted by experienced lawyers.

Glen Foster, the founder of the website, emphasized: “Every case is different. No specific results are implied. It is just right for the patients suffering from Fosamax problems to receive compensation for the damage. By being well-informed about the nature of Fosamax and how it can contribute to bone fractures is important in leading the potential case to a winning situation.”

Fosamax is included in the class of biphosphonates that are used to slow down bone loss while increasing bone mass which can potentially lead to femur fracture. Normally, this is prescribed to patients, either men or women, to prevent the advancement of osteoporosis that is caused by menopause or steroids. However, Fosamax can also be used for other medical purposes aside from the ones declared in its label.

The Food and Drug Authority (FDA) has issued a warning to patients undergoing treatment using Fosamax. FDA also appealed to change the Warnings and Precautions label indicated on all biphosphonates drugs. The agency came up with a study that Fosamax intake can cause very rare bone damages although many doctors believe that severe Fosamax femur fractures are the results of prolonged biphosphonate intake for at least five years.

Thus, the FDA mandated that the manufacturers shall release a changed warning clause stating that Fosamax and other biphosphonate drugs are contributory to bone fissure. Filing a Fosamax lawsuit can actually help patients suffering from Fosamax problems be vigilant and act accordingly to help others be aware of this risk.

The website provides professional evaluation help to redirect victims to lawyers who can take care of their case and win. People suffering from these dangerous side effects should consider visiting the website and get the free compensation evaluation in order to know if they can file a Fosamax lawsuit as soon as possible.