Facing Budget Cuts? Free money saving advice offered by Southwest based Company

Many businesses and government departments are facing the worst budget cuts for years, but there is a way to reduce costs without affecting services and may even avoid the need for redundancies.

Online PR News – 28-January-2011 – – The printers in your office could be secretly chipping away at your budget without you realising. It is common practice to use desktop inkjet and laser printers in many offices and frequently the replacement consumables are ordered by the user as they are generally below the value required for management signoff. This means that no-one knows how much ink is being purchased for the printers and how often they are replaced. The scary thing is that these small purchases can add up to a sizeable sum of money, but are they good value? If there are a lot of prints being put through these smaller devices the answer is definitely no.

By switching to a multifunctional device such as a Canon Imagerunner Advance in place of several desktop printers, huge savings can be made. For example an A4 colour page printed on an inkjet can cost up to 40p , where as the same page printed on the higher volume equipment could be less than 7p or a fraction of a penny if printed in black and white. To put that in to perspective, a busy office or school that prints 100,000 pages on low volume equipment could save up to £33,000 on copy charges alone. An MFP will require a larger capital expenditure than a desktop printer, but financing or leasing over 5 years will improve cash flow. Even with these lease costs factored in the savings are likely to be substantial.

So how do you know how much you are currently spending? Fortunately a company called Citrus Digital are currently offering free print audits. A 30 minute visit to your office is all it takes to get started. The meter and print counter readings for all your printers are gathered automatically and recorded. In a second visit a month later the readings are obtained again and compared to the first set, this will reveal how many prints each device has done in the month. The information can be used to highlight areas where savings can be made and equipment re-deployed or better utilised.

John Harding of Citrus Digital says “The service is entirely free and without obligation but could yield significant savings together with spin off benefits such as reducing power consumption and lowering your carbon footprint” It makes sense to look at areas where savings can be made and productivity improved so reserve your audit today to take advantage of this free offer.

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