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Time to Join Rsorder 2017 Xmas Party for Up to 9% off osrs ios gold Dec.19-Dec.26

Online PR News – 18-December-2017 – new york – The list of winners for King of the Skill has been announced officially. And all the winners will be notified via the in-game messaging system in the following few days. Let’s see the list and buy osrs mobile gold on RSorder. This is where you use your runes. There are 6 pillars: Put 1 water on each pillar, then 1 air on each pillar, then 1 earth on each pillar and then use Glarial's Amulet with Glarial's statue and the floor will rise. Use Glarial's urn with the Chalice of eternity.

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Winners of total level

The top ten winners of total level are Iron Woox, Fraser KOTS, KOTS GLOD, Shamoomlie, WyzOne, Doggoats, importantDOG , Wirrty , Old B0aty and TheCoolGuy9.
Winners of each skill

The first 5 winners of each skill are:

Attack: GG iTz GoRY, Downlifter, Not Enele, Strangerz, 45smchi2345.
Strength: Super Cat22, See Y Later, Ebp9O, 45smith2635, Truly.
Defence: GG no RE 2eZ, wolfpuppy666, Alan Pascoa, theburnin8or, G o RY.
Hitpoints: TURRRPASAUNA, Ebp9O, 45smith2635, Truly, RoT Cadburys.
Ranged: Umea, Umea cheeted, r01me1kenobi, Jusu 33, dutch naab.
Prayer: FreeBargan, zapzapboom, WW2 Prayer, hc hockeymi, i7eadman.
Magic: NoSleepWeak, Inventorium, Bronze Nord, 3ccs, El Chapo DMM.
Cooking: Mr Chef 420, Navus, Sourz, Juuna, Soloable.
Woodcutting: ytbaus chat, Lindholm, Cooked Shark, KFC1111555, importantHC.
Fletching: DragenOO222, Elephent 2, Slopy, Snake Weed, Dale HC BTW.
Fishing: RoT K Girl, lightsfan22, Fisherman789, CML Kjott, zwaP.
Firemaking: Aloe 100m xp, DoorsOfDinh, 2800, Kots Fm, Fe Sina.
Crafting: Not Thing I, Martin 2007, Not Thing, Summon Noobi, Tiega.
Smithing: Emoyy, smeltgod, Kekkonen69, NinToaster, all furnace.
Mining: Vuleka, evezt, RunePicHiddy, AUTUMNELEGY, AUTUMNELECY
Herblore: keto2enol, Not Thing II, rank 1 inc, Wooooo91, SirTanleyGay.
Agility: 18th Jebrim, Best Jebrim, Delete xD, King Jebrim, KOTS Jebrim.
Thieving: Lelador, Whips, D Legend v2, UnbanJudaske, Saniok CC LT.
Slayer: LIITY WMCHAT, Niet Gelogen, RoT Cadburys, Wolt3r KOTS, KOTS Alfie.
Farming: b0rn ulti, iwi, Nite ViperX, Tiger0705, TitheAllTWay.
Runecraft: Moscow V2, Hqx, Juhls, Failing Hope, Likely Drunk.
Hunter: ChinsAllDay, dbsss, Kaarel, Frost Scott, Scott Frost.
Construction: Lil Guy Hax, Ezlo, SoloMission, Builder Nz, ZulSacrifice.

Prize for the first place winners

The first place winner of total level - Iron Woox will be awarded with limited Edition Old School Gaming PC from Chillblast!, signed and framed Old School Artwork & Lifetime Premier Club gold package on an account of his choice, while the first place winners of each skill can get Old School Merch Goodie Bag, signed and framed Old School artwork and a lifetime Premier Club gold package on an account of their choice.What’s more, Old School team expresses that they have leaned much from this season for future improvements. Perhaps we will have another similar competition in the future. Who knows? You buy OSRS mobile gold from us.