Advanced Pipe Repair Branches Out with Epoxy Coating Services

Advanced Pipe Repair wants to go further and offer a service that can prevent frequent leaks and cracks.We now offer epoxy coating services.

Online PR News – 18-December-2017 – Forney, TX – Advanced Pipe Repair is broadening its services. While repairing and rehabilitating pipelines is often necessary, Advanced Pipe Repair wants to go further and offer a service that can prevent frequent leaks and cracks. Along with countless other services, Advanced Pipe Repair now offers epoxy coating services. By using epoxy coating services, pipelines are stronger and less susceptible to leaks and cracks. With these preventative measures, pipelines run efficiently without the need for repair. This makes epoxy coating a more cost-effective and time-efficient choice compared to repairs.

Advanced Pipe Repair and Epoxy Coating

Advanced Pipe Repair utilizes only the best repair and preventative methods. They aim their services at fixing pipelines with no disruption or mess. They strive to do more than just dig large holes and expose commercial pipelines. Advanced Pipe Repair offers services that help their customers save time and money on pipeline services. They ensure that your pipelines are not only fixed but will last for years to come.

It’s no surprise that Advanced Pipe Repair has added an epoxy coating to their services. Advanced Pipe Repair strives to add the best pipeline services on the market. Epoxy coating helps with a number of issues. For example, epoxy coating helps prevent leaks and cracks, stops metal pipes from leaching into drinking water, coats joining pipes, helps maintain water pressure, and seals difficult-to-reach angled pipes.

How It Works

The epoxy coating process is simple. It begins with clearing all rust and debris out of the existing pipeline. The pipeline is then thoroughly cleaned and dried in preparation for the coating. Once the pipeline is fully dry, technicians spray the epoxy coating along the interior of the pipeline. Sometimes more than one coating is applied to ensure maximum coverage. Once the coating is dry, the pipelines are then able to resume normal use. This coating helps to reinforce the existing pipeline and substantially extend its life expectancy.

Years of Commercial Pipeline Experience

Advanced Pipe Repair has over 25 years in the commercial pipeline repair industry. They make sure that your pipelines are maintained properly without using traditional digging methods. Advanced Pipe Repair’s goal is to expand the amount of time between repairs. This means proving repairs and preventative measures that last. By adding an epoxy coating service, Advanced Pipe Repair ensures the protection of commercial pipelines from future cracks and leaks. It's the perfect service to add to an already technologically forward Pipe Repair company.