Newocr.Com Is The Only OCR Tool That Can Process 29 Languages

We are living in a world of technological advancements. Though this world has got much technological advancement, there are no solutions for some simple but much needed technological aspects. OCR in different languages is one technology that remained untouched for quite a long period of time, according to the professionals of Newocr.Com

Online PR News – 02-November-2009 – – IL, November 02,2009 - There is no scarcity for the OCR tools today. However, most of these tools will support only the commonly used English language. When it comes to OCR tools that can recognize different languages, there are only a very few of them. Among such OCR tools that can process different languages, there is only one great tool that reproduces great accuracy in the recognition pattern. The most important point to be noted is the fact that this great OCR tool is free to use. “While there are many OCR tools out there, most of them come with very heavy price tags. Though these tools claim to be professional, they don’t even support the most popular languages. Our free online OCR tool can now process 29 languages. This language list is actually counting. We will be providing support to more international languages in the near future.”

Speaking on more details about the Online OCR tool, Mr. Thomas J. Wales said, “This is completely an online OCR tool. You don’t have to install buggy software to get the job done. The main advantage of using our online OCR tool is that it can read almost all the graphic files. Getting the graphic ready to edit is very easy. Upload the file to our website and get it read instantly. The final read file will be available for download.” When asked about the privacy of the files uploaded to the tool, Mr. Thomas J. Wales said, “All the files uploaded to our online OCR tool will be highly secure.. The files you upload will not be available for public download and the files will be immediately removed once you download it.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Thomas J. Wales said, “The OCR technology, as you may know is not fully developed. We are working hard in making our results more accurate than ever before. We are also working hard to increase the capability of our free online OCR tool to recognize many more international languages in the near future.”

About Newocr.Com is a commercial quality OCR (optical character recognition) service that handles image files in different formats and can process 29 languages. It also supports layout analysis (can interpret multi-column text).

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