47+ OEM and Custom Mechanical Seals Manufacturers Added To IndustrialPR.net

IndustrialPR introduces new sealing products guide to help companies find the proper seal or

gasket for industrial & commercial applications

Online PR News – 28-January-2011 – – Jersey City, New Jersey – As the publisher of a popular manufacturing, scientific & engineering news site IndustrialPR.net knows a thing or two about sealing products. The company launched its Seals & Gaskets Suppliers Directory at http://www.worldwideindustrialmarketplace.com/directory/seals_gaskets.html which it says includes offerings for o-rings, shaft, rubber, mechanical, rotary seals, cylinder, hydraulic, diaphragm, tamper-proof, piston seals, ring, packing, dust, metal seals as well as various types of gaskets. The company made the announcement this morning in a press release to New Jersey manufacturers which states the publication serves domestic and international markets.

According to William Brown, an IndustrialPR.net spokesperson and contributing editor of ArriveNEWS, an online industry news site owned by the company, the publication serves as an online Seals & Gaskets Guide at
http://www.arrivenews.com/exhibitors/seals_gaskets.html for automotive, machine tools, machining, power generation, heavy equipment, packaging & material handling, agricultural, food & beverage processing, aerospace, marine, aviation and other industries. Brown said IndustrialPR.net recently added a wider selection of gaskets to the directory such as oil, plastic, automotive and spiral wound gaskets as well as metal, rubber, ring, neoprene and other OEM and custom-made gaskets.

“The difference between the two seals and gaskets directories is one focuses mainly on manufacturers of sealing products made of stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other materials while the other includes offerings primarily for gaskets made of neoprene, spiral wound and other gasket material,” said Brown. He added, “All in all, IndustrialPR is committed in helping its users find and compare a wide spectrum of rolls & sheeted cork, friction materials, oil & fluid transfer sealing, high pressure seals, rubber & copolymers, cork-rubber, cork/sponge blends, adhesives, sealants and other gasketing and sealing solutions.”

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