ARTEEBEE Inc. Launches Header Bidding Integration Feature

ARTEEBEE Inc. launches header bidding feature to help publihers' with their monetization efforts.

Online PR News – 15-December-2017 – Richmond Hill, Ontario (December 15, 2017) – ARTEEBEE Inc., one of the leading RTB Exchanges, today announced that they have extended their suppliers’ channels to include direct publishers within their suppliers, expanding the potential to reach billions of new audiences.

Effective immediately, they can now partner with publishers via JS tags, header bidding and support prebid.js wrapper. The feature will definitely benefit all publisher’s monetization efforts. It will maximize their earnings from their valuable inventory connecting to our premium demands for standard display and pops. There’s no hidden fees, minimize latency and diligently matching the right ads to the right audiences based on their inclination.

Since ARTEEBEE’s official launch in June, they have rapidly grown and is now integrated with over 100 SSPs and DSPs making them one of the leading RTB Exchanges. Moving into the New Year, more features or products will be release to ease the programmatic ecosystem.

Publishers who are looking to learn more about the Publisher Feature can connect with your account manager or email us at

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