Fran Briggs Releases the Best of Winter Reading, 2017

Books showcase authors' literary talent

Online PR News – 15-December-2017 – New York, NY – Award-winning journalist, Fran Briggs has released The Best of Winter Reading, 2017. Ten authors from the U.S.A., Canada, the U. K. and beyond are being recognized as among 'The Best of Winter Reading, 2017.' The literary genres include children's, mystery, paranormal, sci-fi, wit and wisdom. The list puts the spotlight on a group of talented and distinguished authors.

It's a joy to help enthusiastic readers make quality decisions as it pertains to their reading selections--especially considering the innumerable choices available on the market," stated Briggs. "The Best of Winter Reading list is organized by title, publisher, the author's name, a short synopsis of each book, and a link for additional information and purchase. In every case, the pages will turn quickly."

"The Best of Winter Reading, 2017, is neither a rating, nor is it based on traditional criteria. Each book showcases the respective author's literary vision through subject, originality, impact, influence, and quality," she explained.

"This is not a compilation of 'greatest hits,' but rather a collection of among the best of winter reading in 2017. These authors and their sponsors deserve recognition.'

1. Resurrect: A Whitney Steel Novel (KC Publishing) by Kim Cresswell Intrigue and murder reach epidemic proportions when investigative reporter Whitney Steel receives a lead pointing to a biological attack using a new chimera virus.

2. 9/11: Official Complicity (Author House) by Michael Rowland (Calls attention to the inconsistencies of the American government's response to 9/11, blending a mix of fact and fiction 

3. With Eyes Turned Skyward (CreateSpace) by Gregory Stravinski After the world has succumbed to global warming and the melting of polar ice, much of the surviving population survives in airborne communities aboard gargantuan zeppelins the size of aircraft

4.  Ancestral Journals (CreateSpace) by Lauriel Michele A thought-provoking book of poetry, inspirational writings, modern mythology, short stories and songs 

5. The Reaping Of Righteous Souls (CreateSpace) Dan Collins is approached by a dark natured man named Delano, who calls himself a Reaper who is one of a legion of "harvesters" in the employ the "Creator."

6. The Tiana and Briana Series. Book 1 of 3: The Problem with Ms. Perfect (CreateSpace) by Doreen Allen In this delightful children's series, you will enter into the world of Tiana and Briana, a set of ten-year-old curious, twins. 

7. Sour Pill: A Guide To Surviving In The Dominant Society (CreateSpace) by Darrrell L. Gray Give the political and social climate of the this day and age, it's imperative that the African American nuclear family evolve and advance in a different and more tactical direction than ever before.

8. P-Whipped: The Emasculation of Humanity (Me Books) by Maya Emmett A stinging, politically-incorrect, in-depth gender study looks at the abuse of aggressive anger toward our perceived enemy—men—and its all-inclusive malignant effects on our society as a whole

9. The Final Appearance of America's Favorite Girl Next Door (Shelf Media Group) by Stephen Stark An edgy novel about love, loss and multiple realities

10. "Tougher Than the Rest" (Avalanche Ranch Press LLC ) by Shirleen Davies A passionate, fast-paced untamed western and historical romance.