Gabbar Buying launch new membership to earnings profits and savings.

Gabbar Buying” has come up with the unique new concept of buying together which is a profitable situation for both buyer and seller.

Online PR News – 15-December-2017 – Jabalpur M.P. – People avoid going to wholesale market for their day to day purchases. Their daily/weekly purchase may be vegetables, fruits, grocery, and other items. These items are purchased in very small quantity one piece or two pieces or 1 Kg/ltr or 2 Kgs/ltrs.

Usually, they buy it from the neighborhood store at retail rates (MRP). Wholesale stores are usually located in a faraway place or are overcrowded with vehicle parking problem.

“Gabbar Buying” has come up with the unique new concept of buying together which is a profitable situation for both buyer and seller. One gets the needed products at the wholesale price. Here quantity does not matter.

A person saves on travel time, selection and purchase time and energy for searching the wholesale shop, parking problems and traffic tension etc. Anyone can join Gabbar Buying by just filling the application form available online at their site or offline submitting at their office.

Gabbar Buying has developed an easy e-platform for easy buying and for business member selling too. It has come up with two memberships. One is customer and buyer member and business member.

1. Customer and buyer membership

This membership is free. Valid for five years from the date of registration. He/she will be eligible to utilize free intermediate portal, free facilities, and free services. For buying products and items limited to categories as displayed on Gabbar Buying home page.

Members can save money even if they buy a small quantity. It is a monthly buying system. One can also go for wholesale buying at the discounted price.

2. Business membership

Business membership is free. Valid for ten years from the date of registration. Members will have advantages of customer and buyer member given above. And also he/she will have the facility to do business through “Business Members Web store/Shops.”

They will be allowed daily buying, weekly and monthly buying. In short buy single product at wholesale price.

About the Company

E-commerce market-place is common these days. And members can sell/buy goods which are for the daily need. Gabbar Buying is also an excellent platform for people who wish to buy a small quantity of product at reasonably discounted rates. That is a retail buy at wholesale rates. It also offers unique concept whereby a person can have his own webstore under its business membership that is earning and saving.

Gabbar Buying has a well-trained dedicated and talented staff. This platform is also available to persons who wish to do business with the small amount of investment.

Those who would like to explore huge market of buyers of their product. Both functions like earnings profits and savings go hand in hand at Gabbar Buying.