Confident GovernanceĀ® GRC Success Platform for 2018 : Announces release of Latest GRC Product Suite

#1 GRC Solutions Provider,Confident GovernanceĀ®,announced today release of latest version of it's Product Suite to address changing requirements in GRC Space.

Online PR News – 15-December-2017 – Reston/VA – Award winning Company and Global leader providing cutting edge GRC Solutions,Confident GovernanceĀ® announced the release of their latest and greatest Product suite harnessing the power of Agility & Innovation through Governance as a Service platform. With this development, Organizations using the ConfidentG ā€œGovernance as a Service platformā€ driving efficiency & effectiveness, will be able to execute their Governance, Risk, Internal Audit and Compliance processes with Agility and the capability to address Governance challenges of 2018.

ā€œEmerging Technologies and Cloud Computing are reshaping Businesses across all Industry Verticalsā€, said Bhavesh Bhagat, Chairman and CEO at Confident GovernanceĀ® ā€œWe are delivering breakthrough GRC Solutions to empower Companies be on the Competitive edge. We are striving with the FORCE team to deliver products and services designed to make it easier for businesses to implement an Effective Governance, Risk and Security Compliance system to provide clear transparency with easiest non-technical operation enabling truly "Confident GovernanceĀ®".

This revamped Product suite ā€” with declarative point-and-click, drag-and-drop toolsā€” will enable Companies to re-orient their entire GRC process around a smarter, always-on and more connected platform. They can easily unlock the capabilities of Collaboration, Real time Reporting, Geo-spatial Risk location, Agility, Mobility, Security & Scalability and thereby drive Efficiency & Success.

About Confident Governance

Rated top Salesforce Solutions Provider for 2017 and GEW 50 award recipient, Confident GovernanceĀ®, is the first ā€œnativeā€ purpose built Enterprise Cloud Governance Company delivering patent pending innovative Cloud Security, Governance, Risk management and Compliance product portfolio on the worldā€™s largest Cloud Computing platform Itā€™s industry leading products make Governance and Risk Management powerful and affordable for Organizations of all sizes enabling them to not only focus on Governance from within but also from universal external shifts in Risks, using Social Media and Geo-spatial location based information.rnUsing ConfidentG applications you can infuse Transparency and Trust amongst your Executives and Stakeholders without Technical complexity and without having to worry about buying hardware and software. Every aspect of Confident Governance products is designed to make it easier for Businesses to implement an effective Governance, Risk and Security Compliance System to provide clear Transparency with easiest non-technical operation enabling ā€œConfidenceā€ in Governance.