Healthcare & Life Sciences Veteran Carl B. Derenfeld Joins MedSphere Corp. As VP Strategic Solutions

MedSphere, a Healthcare & Life Sciences focused firm in strategy, competitive, market intelligence, introduced Carl B. Derenfeld, as VP Strategic Solutions.

Online PR News – 14-December-2017 – Skokie, IL. – MedSphere Corporation, a long-standing, highly regarded, Healthcare and Life Sciences focused leader in the strategy, competitive, market intelligence space, announced that domain specialist Carl B. Derenfeld, MBA, MSW, has joined the company as Vice President, Strategic Solutions.

"Carl will join our globally knowledgeable teams, to deepen our already collaborative relationships with our prestige cadre of clients. He will focus on expanding availability of our customized suite of research and intelligence solutions, to meet the diverse needs of the stakeholders in the HCLS ecosystem. He will be listening for primary intelligence, mobile/ enabled platform, conference coverage, and strategic/tactical planning requirements, where innovative concepts can be created by our highly experienced development team. He will also collaborate with clients to further develop the concepts of Competitor Playbooks, and Patient /Caregiver Journey." said Hooman Bahmandeji, Founder and President, MedSphere Corp.

"Carl has become regarded for his ability to translate diverse nodes of information into actionable, market impacting insights. His 360-degree perspective, integrating quantitative and qualitative data, filtering/interpreting data into hot spots, continuities/discontinuities, reveal evidence-based concepts that are strategic, yet practical for tactical deployment, will be a benefit for our clients. His 40-plus years launching and defending brand assets, in diverse therapeutic areas such as: Cardiometabolic, Dermatology, Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, Hematology/Blood, Infectious Diseases, Musculoskeletal, Neuroscience, Ophthalmology, Oncology, Respiratory and Urology, will bring incremental depth and breadth of background to our therapeutic capabilities." Hooman added.

Derenfeld's hybrid background integrates leadership, consulting, functional experience, allowing connection of intelligence from a broad range of external and internal sources, fueling analytical techniques, facilitating evidence-driven decision making. His focus on asset maximization, life cycle management, resource allocation, enables clients to address their highest-priority challenges and opportunities. His balanced clinical and commercial perspectives, has allowed him to become a respected speaker, strategic workshop designer /leader, subject/industry contributor to journals/periodicals. He continues to develop new planning concepts including Enhancing the Person (Patient) Journey, Building Support, Coping, Control Skills, and, Strategic Command Center:Leveraging Evergreen Competitive Playbooks to Achieve Market Advantage.

Carl's prior responsibility crosses for-and not-for-profit organizations, starting in clinical practice with the N.Y.S Division for Youthm where he studied Malevolent Transformation Theory. His strategy and intelligence background includes Aurora WDC, Proactive Worldwide, Verix, Marketing Technology Solutions/, AmericasDoctor/Essential Group CRO/Patient Recruitment, United States Pharmacopeia/Public Health Programs with FDA/Associations, Searle /Monsanto, Boots Pharmaceuticals/Boots Company, Flint Laboratories/Baxter International, Health Systems Projects/Dimensional Marketing /Advertising, and Derenfeld Consulting.

Derenfeld holds an MBA from the J.L. Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, and an MSW from the Wurzweiler School, Yeshiva University.

"Our global ecosystem is becoming increasingly hyper-competitive, with incumbents and an increasing number of new entrants, all seeking financially attractive disease spaces, pathways, and solutions, to meet the unmet clinical and psychosocial needs of patients, caregivers, providers, payers, PBMs, channels, sites of care, and integrated delivery models. As we have witnessed with recently announced M&L activities, the focus continues to be on cost effectively merging both ends of the spectrum- clinical development/science, with commercial trends/drivers to increase access and local availability, harnessing cost, improving real-world outcomes."

"Changing market behaviors such as competitors forging development alliances with prior/current competitors, trial database sharing, expanding regulatory pathways to quicker approval, new go-to-market rules of engagement, are changing the stakes and the potential rewards. As we continue to focus on a smaller number of TA's of financial attractiveness, yet, denser levels of competitiveness, new entrants, incumbent defenders, all types of companies are challenged to create evergreen plans, increasing the need for innovative decision-enabled processes and reporting systems. We have a higher level of responsibility, to being more vested in our client's business, earning trusted adviser status, not just being a vendor, and/or reporting information, but delivering a fully prioritized view of the threats and opportunities, allowing clients to prioritize investment in the initiatives that enhance success."

"I am excited to be joining the MedSphere team and to be collaborating with Hooman again. We accomplished many successes at Searle. MedSphere has a distinguished heritage with our existing global client roster, a highly dedicated, experienced, and talented team, all having focused their careers in HCLS. In our quickly transforming ecosystem, I believe a singular HCLS focus, subject/industry Historianship, and an innovative, integrated suite of products, programs, and services, provides a multidimensional advantage to our clients and prospects. I personally believe, that we have a solid foundation and heritage, from which to deepen our relationships, enhance client experience, while listening to/for our clients to increase our suite of offerings to meet HCLS ecosystem needs." Carl added.

MedSphere Corporation:
MedSphere Corporation, is a long-standing, highly regarded leader in HCLS intelligence, marketing/sales strategy, tactics, technology assessment/commercialization, product go-to-market, science-driven branding, international regulatory matters, e-strategy, and basic science/clinical medicine. Deploys diverse clinical & commercial research methodologies, evidence-based analysis, provides story lines that answer key business questions. Provides historical & current insights for in-market TA's, drug development, clinical trials /recruitment, data, regulatory timelines, KOL & institutional access, insurance/payer/PBM, channels related topics.Integrated portfolio of research, platform of enabled, mobile solutions puts intelligence at the fingertips. Prestige clients span HCLS ecosystem: biopharmaceutical, medical device, insurance, payer, PBM, sites, channels. Global HQ in Skokie, IL., staffing in world areas, providing comprehensive services in US/NA, Europe (including Eastern Europe), LATAM, Asia. Network of scientific/commercial allies assure language, custom, relationship, ethical, in-country research.

Contacts: Hooman Bahmandeji, Founder/President Carl Derenfeld, VP Strategic Solutions +1-847-673-3777 x2323 +1-847-673-3777 x2328

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