Nordic Homeworx wins award for ‘Best for Flooring’ 2 years in a row.

Online PR News – 14-December-2017 – Dubai – Nordic Homeworx Dubai’s premier choice for wood flooring solutions, was adjudged winner in the ‘Best for Flooring’ category at the InsideOut Arabia Reader’s Choice Awards. Clinching the award for the 2nd successive year is a celebratory feat that the Nordic Homeworx team led by Managing Director Pauline, is incredibly proud and humbled about.
Since their inception 11+ years ago in 2006, Nordic Homeworx has undoubtedly grown in leaps and bounds to become the well-known brand it is today. Despite there being stiff competition in the market, the fact that they served as an exclusive representative of Kährs, offered them an element of difference, effectively classifying them on a distinctive league altogether. Kährs themselves happen to be the world’s oldest manufacturers of wooden floors, dating over 150 years back to 1857. What essentially started out as a family business in the small town of Nybro Sweden, is today a sprawling multinational conglomerate, catering to the flooring needs of thousands of customers all around the globe.

Given Nordic Homeworx’s relentless dedication to quality, this award is very well deserved. Aside from Kährs being the pioneers of engineered and parquet wood flooring, they also offer the best joint system for wooden flooring, which is critical to reliable floor installation. In fact, Kährs was the first of its kind to introduce a mechanical glueless joint system, which not only minimised on mess and hassle, but also introduced a new option to work with altogether. This system was developed and taken further, giving us the Woodloc® 5S joint today. Furthermore, Nordic Homeworx has the freedom to be completely confident in their products, thanks to extensive research conducted by Kährs consistently, which in turn is invested into related areas such as discovering surface treatments that are able to sustain daily wear and tear for as long as possible. As a result, not only do these treatments by Nordic Homeworx enhance the natural beauty of the wood, but they are also devoid of chemicals such as formaldehyde and isocyanate which makes them safer for use.

Kährs also ensures it focuses on sustainable business practices throughout all its operations. Well aware of the impact this industry can have on the environment if left to its own devices, Kährs has taken due measures to safeguard the environment accordingly. A significant amount of raw material that is typically used for production, is therefore sourced from a specially designated area where trees are also planted as much as they are harvested. This together with clean production endeavours such as new and improved manufacturing techniques, has helped Nordic Homeworx rise in the Dubai market, along with inventive, original floor designs across a wide variety of wood species to suit varying requirements.

‘We are incredibly proud, humbled and honoured to receive this accolade for the 2nd year in a row. It has been a wonderful experience to be an exclusive representative of Kährs in Dubai for over 10 years, not only because of how beautiful all of their products are, but also because of the values they stand for. Kährs is not only committed to ensuring each and every client is supplied with the best possible floor for their needs, but is also given proper after-sales service and customer support when and where necessary. Additionally, they’re also very environmentally conscious as is their culture, making them a sensible choice in today’s volatile climate conditions. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank InsideOut magazine for the honour, along with its readers and of course our amazing clients, without whose support we’d never have come this far.’- Managing Director: Nordic Homeworx

Founded as a family business dating almost 160 years back to 1857, Kährs has built a reputation as the oldest wood floor manufacturer in the world still in operation in Southern Sweden, a region famed for its rugged beauty and scenic landscapes.
Nordic Homeworx was established as a Kährs representative in Dubai in 2006, and accumulating over 10+ years of experience within the industry over time. As wood specialists especially commissioned by Kährs, we offer unparalleled wood flooring services all across Dubai. With a passion for both Kährs as a brand and of course our Nordic roots, our solutions are more than just about re-vamping your floor. We encourage and develop innovative lifestyles, inspiring our clients to seek more out of what would typically be an everyday experience.

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