27 New Honeywell Gas Pilot Burner Assemblies from DtiCorp.com

DtiCorp.com is introducing 27 New Honeywell Gas Pilot Burner Assemblies

Online PR News – 02-November-2009 – – Fort Lauderdale, FL - DtiCorp.com (http://www.DtiCorp.com) is introducing 27 Brand New Honeywell Programmable Thermostats. Gas Pilot Burner Assemblies include a flame rod to prove the pilot flame. The assemblies are used with a suitable flame safeguard control on industrial or commercial gas burners or oil burners with gas pilots.

New Honeywell Gas Pilot Burner Assemblies Available:
1. C7005A1037 Flame Rectifier Pilot
2. C7005B1035 Flame Rectifier Pilot
3. C7005B1050 Flame Rectifier Pilot
4. Q179A1001 Flame Rectifier Pilot
5. Q179A1035 Flame Rectifier Pilot
6. Q179A1050 Flame Rectifier Pilot
7. Q179A1076 Flame Rectifier Pilot
8. Q179A1092 Flame Rectifier Pilot
9. Q179A1118 Flame Rectifier Pilot
10.Q179A1126 Flame Rectifier Pilot
11.Q179A1183 Flame Rectifier Pilot
12.Q179B1042 Flame Rectifier Pilot
13.Q179B1109 Flame Rectifier Pilot
14.Q179B1117 Flame Rectifier Pilot
15.Q179C1009 Miniature Flame Rectifier Pilot
16.Q179C1025 Miniature Flame Rectifier Pilot
17.Q179C1033 Miniature Flame Rectifier Pilot
18.Q179C1041 Miniature Flame Rectifier Pilot
19.Q179C1058 Miniature Flame Rectifier Pilot
20.Q179C1066 Miniature Flame Rectifier Pilot
21.Q179C1090 Miniature Flame Rectifier Pilot
22.Q179C1108 Miniature Flame Rectifier Pilot
23.Q179D1008 Miniature Flame Rectifier Pilot
24.Q179D1016 Miniature Flame Rectifier Pilot
25.Q179D1024 Miniature Flame Rectifier Pilot
26.Q179D1057 Miniature Flame Rectifier Pilot
27.Q179D1925 Miniature Flame Rectifier Pilot

The proper pilot burner orifice must be selected for the gas being used (natural, LP gas) so that the pilot burns with a medium hard flame. This type of flame provides the maximum flame signal.

The flame safeguard control relay will chatter if excess secondary air velocity or a severe draft condition causes the pilot flame to make intermittent contact with the flame electrode (rod) or grounding bracket.

The performance of the pilot assembly can be determined by measuring the flame signal developed with the pilot operating.

The flame signal (current/voltage) measurement requires the use of an appropriate volt-ohmmeter. Most existing Honeywell Flame Safeguard Controls incorporate a flame current jack in the control plug-in amplifier or in the control itself. The flame current measurement can be made with a Honeywell W136A Test Meter, which has a 0 to 25 microampere dc scale. With the W136A selector switch positioned to the 0 to 25 microampere scale, connect the meter leads to the two ends of the meter connector plug, positive (red, +) to positive, negative (black, -) to negative. The Meter Connector Plug part no. 196146 is provided with the W136A Meter. If a W136A Meter or connector plug is not available, a dc ammeter with a 0 to 25 microampere scale can be wired in series with the F lead of the flame detector circuit. A minimum flame current of 2.0 microamperes is considered acceptable.

The Honeywell BCS 7700 and 7800 SERIES Flame Safeguard Control flame signals are measured in dc volts. A 20,000 volt/ohm meter with a 0 to 5 or 10 Vdc scale is recommended for measuring the flame signal of BCS 7700 controls while a one megohm/volt meter is recommended for 7800 SERIES controls.

The minimum acceptable flame signal voltage for the BCS 7700 controls is 2.2 Vdc (maximum expected is 4.98 Vdc). The minimum acceptable flame signal voltage for the 7800 SERIES controls is 1.25 Vdc (maximum expected is 5.0 Vdc). If the flame signal is less than the minimum acceptable for the Honeywell Flame Safeguard Control used, adjust the flame
electrode (rod) to increase the flame signal to at least the minimum acceptable level by loosening the clamp screw and turning the electrode (rod) slightly to the right or left as required. After the flame electrode (rod) is adjusted, check the gap between the ignition electrode and burner tip (Q179A). The gap must be between 1/16 and 3/32 inch.

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