Hit the dance floor with superstars like Diddy and Nicky Minaj for the best Superbowl weekend

Big Tex Entertainment is organizing the hippest party in Dallas hosted by PDiddy and a slew of other superstars like Rick Ross and Nicky Minaj.

Online PR News – 28-January-2011 – – Dallas, Texas - No one enjoys a party that lacks style. A couple of celebrities, fancy DJs and rocking music, these are the must haves of any party in town. But a party on the Superbowl Weekend would need a lot more to catch the attention of people during the football season. This would require the hottest celebs in town, the best music and a rocking dance floor. This is exactly what the public would witness this Superbowl weekend in Dallas, Texas.
As far as parties go, this is the biggest of them all. People looking to spend their Superbowl weekend in a spectacular and extravagant style would be welcome to the hottest party in town. Organised by Big Tex Entertainment, the Superbowl weekend has been sensationalized by the hottest party in Dallas. The event would be hosted by PDiddy himself, along with a slew of the coolest stars on the planet like Nicky Minaj, Rick Ross, DJ Prostyle and DJ Jermaine Dupri.
The event is poised to be one of the best and coolest parties in town. Visitors will be allowed to make their bookings through the internet and avail of the best entertainment for their weekend. Along with major stars like Ricky Ross, there will also be a number of A-list celebrities and NFL superstars attending the party. Taking place on the weekend between February 3rd and February 5th of 2011, this is poised to be the biggest Superbowl bash of the year.
Normally getting entry to a party of such caliber and class would be a very difficult prospect. But Big Tex Entertainment is providing people with a chance to make their online bookings through the internet to ensure that they get their dose of celebrity culture. For any Texan living in Dallas, this is the place to be on Superbowl weekend. Party animals will be able to enjoy their dose of celebrityhood from sharing space with stars like PDiddy and Nicky Minaj, while rocking to music by DJ Prostyle and DJ Jermaine Dupri. Moreover, this would be their best opportunity to rub shoulders with A-listers from the circuit and have the best weekend of their lives. They are sure to enjoy the event and have the time of their lives. The website offers a complete schedule of the event and also allows people to make bookings of their tickets before they run out of stock!

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