ASA Insurance Announces The Best Consumer Practices to Get Better Car Insurance Quotes in Utah

Creed Anderson revealed that ASA Insurance is investigating recently released auto insurance apps to determine whether they can help motorists to drive better

Online PR News – 12-December-2017 – Salt Lake City, Utah – Creed Anderson, Vice President and CFO of Salt Lake City auto insurance provider ASA Insurance, recently revealed that the company is investigating recently released auto insurance apps to determine whether they can help motorists to drive better, thus assisting them to get a better car insurance quote. Salt Lake City drivers were rated as the second worse in the nation this summer in a study done by QuoteWizard,. The study compared two million data points nationwide about things such as drunk driving, traffic tickets and car crashes. Only drivers in Sacramento, California fared worse! "The worse your driving record," said Mr. Anderson, "the higher your insurance quote is going to be."

the higher your insurance quote is going to be.

There are many apps on the market that compare quotes for consumers so that they can find the cheapest provider, but they are not the type of app that ASA Insurance are interested in. "Those types of apps are a dime a dozen," said Mr. Anderson, "and they generally only compare prices for the large corporate insurance companies. Consumers who use them to choose their insurance miss out on the personalized service a smaller firm can give." ASA Insurance are interested in studying apps like Esurance DriveSafe, which monitors the driving behavior of teens for their parents through a telematic plug-in.

With the DriveSafe app, parents are able to screen the driving habits and behavior of their children, making sure they are not endangering themselves or others, or the chances of them getting a decent quote on their next policy renewal. Driving behavior is factored into the system for generating an auto insurance quote in Salt Lake City and the rest of Utah, and if a high risk driver is registered on your insurance, you will definitely be charged more. With the Esurance app, parents can set up alerts on their device so that they are notified when teens make mistakes such as speeding, or even driving after curfew. The app even uploads a record of the child's driving to an online site where parents can constantly check up on their teen's behavior behind the wheel.

"This is definitely an app that can help Salt Lake City drivers perform better behind the wheel," said Creed Anderson, "especially when they are being taught proper behavior during their teen years." Another such app that can improve driver behavior is Allstate's Drivewise mobile app. It tracks driving behavior and habits, and even offers advice on how the driver can improve! Allstate policy holders can earn discounts by generating safe driving points. The app is also available to drivers who are not insured by Allstate, and the points they generate can be used to earn gifts or merchandise. "The greatest reward of such an app," said Mr. Anderson, "is that it can help you to improve your driving techniques and habits. Having a clean record can go a long way to reducing the price you pay for car insurance."

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