The Accent Coach Announces Top Customer Service Trends for 2018

Customer service is always changing, and businesses continually look for the latest trends to help them grow and be competitive.

Online PR News – 12-December-2017 – Vero Beach, FL – Customer service is always changing, and businesses continually look for the latest trends to help them grow and be competitive. The Accent Coach, Claudette Roche, understands the importance of customer service as she provides accent reduction to help businesses improve in this area. For 2018, the trend will be towards more one-on-one interaction where being understood will be essential to successful encounters with customers.

One of the main trends for 2018 is moving back to human interaction rather than the depersonalized automation of the last few years. Customers want to speak to real people when they call in with problems or questions. Furthermore, scripted calls will give way to more unique experiences. For businesses with customer service departments located in other regions or countries, they may need to help their agents communicate more effectively to be understood by the customer. This not only means speaking clearly so a heavy accent does not hinder communication, but also understanding words common to an area. Following a script is not always the most effective method of dealing with a customer. Instead, businesses can better equip their agents to make basic decisions on customer issues by training them on correct methods and giving them more control over the interaction. They can also provide accent reduction training to help them speak more clearly and be better understood.

Another trend for the year will be utilizing automated services to tell when a live person is needed to complete the interaction. While technology is becoming more efficient and better equipped to handle even more complex situations, the true key to success will be to have them recognize when a person is required to solve the issue. Data collection will continue to be another trend for 2018. However, it will become more about how to better use the data already being collected. In the past, the goal was to find new ways to collect data or what new information needed to be retrieved. With massive amounts of data already in hand, the focus will be on how to utilize it to improve service to customers. The goal will not be just on how to solve a problem but on how to prevent it in the first place.

Claudette Roche thinks the trend to more personalization is a good one for businesses. "Communication is going to become even more important, and businesses are going to need to create training programs that equip their employees." New customer service training may be necessary along with communication classes and seminars. Technology has improved the way for many businesses to improve customer service, but the trend is moving back to more human interaction. This creates a need for new training which is unlike anything that has been done in the past. Thanks to the data that has been collected, companies can design training to meet the real needs of customers. The end result is a more satisfied customer and continued growth for the business in profitability and reputation.

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