ILLINOIS PRE-OWNED HEAVY EQUIPMENT BUSINESS GOES ONLINE I-80 Equipment Reaches a Wider Market With the Internet

These are usually less expensive than their brand-new counterparts, however, but they tend to be slightly costlier than a used truck that is sold to a customer as-is.

Online PR News – 01-November-2009 – – CHICAGO, IL. – Oct. 30, 2009

Family owned businesses and small companies often have a hard time competing with bigger commercial entities and multinational corporations. Marketing alone often costs a considerable amount of time, money, and talent. Most small companies undoubtedly do not have the same resources and capital at their disposal, which makes reaching out to one’s consumer-base a little more challenging. In Colona, Illinois, one family-owned business has managed to overcome this hurdle. I-80 Equipment has found a way to get in touch with clientele from all over North America by simply getting with the times. The internet has not only become a hotbed for new ideas and creative potential, but it is a virtual marketplace that allows a seller and buyers from across the world to contact one another with an ease that had never been heard of before.
Trucks, cranes, and other kinds of heavy equipment are necessary in many different fields of industry. However, purchasing a large vehicle such as a bucket truck or a boom truck brand new can be very costly, and the quality of used products can often be inconsistent or unreliable.
Reconditioned vehicles and heavy equipment are used or pre-owned products that have been taken apart, cleaned, repaired, repainted, and reassembled so that they are virtually of the same quality as something brand-new. These are usually less expensive than their brand-new counterparts, however, but they tend to be slightly costlier than a used truck that is sold to a customer as-is.
I-80 Equipment claims to offer fully reconditioned vehicles and heavy equipment at used prices, and thanks in part to the fact that its market-base is considerably widened by the fact that potential buyers from all over the United States and Canada can access their website to see their available products, they can deliver.
The company’s website divides its available products into different truck categories. Each one has a page which displays the product’s mileage, gross weight, engine and fuel types, and transmission. Interested buyers can call the phone number beside each product listing if they are interested in making a purchase. To get a closer look at the truck or truck part that they are interested in, they can click on the “additional details” tag underneath the product’s name to check out information on it as well as see pictures and videos of the product they wish to buy.
I-80 Equipment is an Illinois-based, family-owned company that mainly sells fully-reconditioned used trucks and heavy equipment, such as bucket trucks, derrick cranes, and crew cab chassis. It mainly carries Ford Altec trucks, although it also features other brands, such as Telelect, International, and Vactor. Their website,, contains the company’s contact information, and a listing of available merchandise which features pictures, prices, and videos for each product. It also has a page with a step-by-step outline of the reconditioning process that each truck undergoes before it is ready to be put on sale. The company serves all fifty US states and territories, as well as Canada.
For more information in I-80 Equipment, log on to, call 309-949-3701, or fax 309-949-3760.