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ou won’t know how they were maintained, if they’ve been inspected, and you’ll waste a huge amount of time.

Online PR News – 01-November-2009 – – It’s hard to find the right bucket truck at the right price. Finding the right used truck for your business can be a huge headache, searching the thousands of vehicle sites looking for a few good trucks, then taking the risk that they aren’t in good shape when you finally see them. You won’t know how they were maintained, if they’ve been inspected, and you’ll waste a huge amount of time. There may be hidden wear that you cannot see on a brief inspection, and then break down almost as soon as you buy them.

There is a service that will find the right used truck for you, inspect and recondition it, and offer you financing. The best place to start is the truck locator http://www.i80equipment.com/locator.html, a great service that will search for the perfect used truck to meet your needs. You’ll like this site because an expert will reply to you within 24 hours to let you know the details on the best truck in your price range.

Trucks from I-80 (http://www.i80equipment.com/index.shtml) are reconditioned by disassembly, repair of all metal parts, sanding down, professional repainting using industrial paints, repair and maintenance of all engine components, high quality bed liner installed, and a 77-point inspection. That’s an amazing process you will not find at the local car lot.

Remember to buy your truck from a professional company with years of experience and that stands behind their product. Don’t limit yourself to a lot with only one or two large trucks available, where they will convince you that the one they have is the one for your business. There are so many types available that you should see them all online and make sure you are getting the right one. I-80 has bucket trucks from 29 to over 71 feet, as well as forestry trucks, grapple trucks, boom trucks, and specialty utility and sewer trucks.

Financing is important as well, so make sure that 100% financing is available. This will allow you to start earning money with your truck while still paying for it. I-80 knows this is a big investment and will give you this flexibility. Small businesses and individuals can obtain the quality vehicle they need using a simple on-line application.

Check out the models available or save yourself the time and use the truck locator option to have an expert help you choose. Investing in a reconditioned truck is a smart choice when the quality and service are this good. http://www.i80equipment.com