I-80 Equipment Gives the World a Huge Reduction on Digger Derricks

I-80 Equipment carries a wide variety of truck brands, from Altec to Lift-All.

Online PR News – 01-November-2009 – – Http://www.i80equipment.com – The webpage of I-80 equipment declares their newest sale on digger derricks. There’s always something being built somewhere and most construction jobs need the right trucks for the job. The company is known for offering a wide variety of trucks to the majority of the United States. Trucks for all intents and of all sizes are available at their website – for people who already have trucks, the company also offers reconditioning.

I-80 Equipment carries a wide variety of truck brands, from Altec to Lift-All. It offers an online catalog so potential customers have the option of checking out a potential purchase before making a commitment. People who know what they are looking for will find this online catalog very useful, as they can make sure that their potential purchase is what they had in mind. Those who don’t or are not sure what they’re looking for can make use of it as well as it can give them an idea of what’s available. For people who are looking for a specific truck but cannot find it on their listings, they can easily contact the company through their website and they promise on the website that they’ll do everything they can to find that special truck.

I-80 Equipment also offers custom fabrication for customers who need a truck for a very specific and possibly unusual job. There are a number of testimonials on their website that state a satisfied response from their customers with regards to their customization options. Contractors from Moline, IL have even gone so far as to say that the entire transaction was hassle free. Other customers from Orion, IL wrote: “What a terrific bucket truck! We were a little skeptical at first, but your staff overwhelmed us with your professionalism and the work you did making sure we got the truck we wanted at terms that worked for us.” It goes on to say that the company would love to do business with I-80 Equipment again.

I-80 Equipment has been in business for over seventeen years and looks to make sure customers around the world get the truck that they’re looking for, whatever kind of truck it is. Bucket trucks, digger derricks, sign, boom and grapple trucks are all among the many things they offer. The company also offers one hundred percent financing to make sure that a customer’s purchase is a smooth as possible. Please visit http://www.i80equipment.com for more information.