Naperville French Tutor Announces New Online French Language Assessment Test

NaperFrench French Tutoring, a French tutoring company that offers uniquely proven and customized French curriculums for children, students, and adults, today has announced the availability of a new online French test to assess the grammar and comprehension of prospective students that want to find a French tutor/teacher to learn to speak French more fluently.

Online PR News – 27-January-2011 – – The new French assessment program, available at, was designed by Naperville, IL-based French tutor, Anne Cottez. This follows her developing French classes curriculums she has been teaching for 9 years which are being presented to help children and adults learn while living in the USA as expatriates or American who want to be fluent in the French language.

It will show you what has been assimilated in French class or through a French tutor and what you still need to work on

“I’m so happy to have my new online language test so that I can easily assess the level of my new students or website visitors that are interested in my French tutor services” said Anne, who has been a French tutor for more than eight years, and has enjoyed one on one personalized lessons with both children and adults.

According to Anne, this is a practical, but fun, French test for all age levels ranging from high school French students, intermediate level French speakers and adults studying the French language. “It will show you what has been assimilated in French class or through a French tutor and what you still need to work on,” said Anne. The test is only a French written assessment and it doesn’t fully reflect the speaking fluency in which people can express themselves.

With the release of this online French Assessment, anybody now who wants to learn French and lives in the Chicago Illinois suburbs including the town of Naperville, Hinsdale, Bolingbrook, Downers Grove and Lisle, has a way of checking how much they already know and have retained of the French language they learned in school classes.

However, whether people are looking for French lessons for themselves or for their children, Anne promises to make learning the French language fun, exciting and something to look forward to every week. “I am also available periodically as a French interpreter and I am an expert in French to English and English to French interpretation,” added Anne, whose French interpreting services can be conducted either over the phone or in person for local Chicago area businesses or families.

About NaperFrench:
NaperFrench offers unique, proven and customized total immersion French language classes and curriculum that has delivered results for children, students, adults, and families alike. French language tutor, French teacher and interpreter services serving students in the Naperville, Hinsdale, Bolingbrook and surrounding areas of the Chicago suburbs.
Whether you are looking for French lessons for yourself or your child, NaperFrench focuses on what is relevant to your needs and learning style.

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