IT and Computer Training Spending in Maryland Should Rebound in 2011

Although 2010 may have seen a reduced amount of spending on computer training, companies are starting to reverse this trend in 2011. The IT field in Maryland is expected to expand dramatically, and companies are spending more on training their employees in order to meet these developments.

Online PR News – 27-January-2011 – – The state of Maryland is positioned to experience a bounding increase in spending on computer training in 2011, according to industry sources. Although the economic downturn in 2010 led to a decrease in the amount of resources companies and military agencies were able to invest in computer training for personnel, this year is looking to have a much brighter outlook IT and computer training in Maryland.

Due to the fact that CCNA classes and other types of IT training are less expensive and time consuming than full degree courses, companies are increasingly turning to these types of courses as a way to educate employees about networks, systems management, and other IT fields.

Despite the fact that 2010 was not held to be a great year for the computer and IT fields, studies have shown that digital media brings in $5.5 billion worth of revenue for the state of Maryland annually, and the recent thawing of the economic climate suggests that this number is only expected to increase in 2011. Additionally, the IT industry in Maryland, which constitutes an incredible 3.5 percent of Maryland's total economic base, with over 94,000 employees, is expected to increase by around 25 percent by 2016, according to official Maryland state government estimates. For this reason, many companies are currently seeking to educate their employees about information technology, and this means that they are beginning to invest increased amounts in classes on IT and computer training in Maryland.

In order to remain competitive, companies must train employees periodically in the latest developments in the field of information technology, since knowledge and programming is constantly being improved and upgraded. 2011 is looking to be a year in which companies are seeking to consolidate resources, which includes retaining employees that have a good knowledge of computers and IT. For this reason, they are spending money on CCNA and other courses, since it is more cost effective than hiring new employees or bringing in contracted professionals from outside. Many industry insiders are predicting that 2011 will show a growth in computer training spending in order to accomplish these goals.

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