The Road to Glory is Paved with Gravel turned to Gold

New book discusses overcoming life’s trials by the Glory of God

Online PR News – 28-January-2011 – – GREENSBORO, NC—Minister Brianna Headen of Over Comers By The Blood, Inc., a ministry that caters to single mothers and at risk teen girls, announces the release of her book, The Road to Glory.

The story follows Naya, a young girl who has it all, as she becomes entangled in the treachery of a young man named Antwon and subsequently embarks on the long journey towards regaining her life and her identity.

As Naya struggles with her climb back to normalcy, the plot touches upon sensitive topics that many people face regularly but do not know how to resolve: unequally yoked marriages, homosexuality, self-esteem problems, substance abuse and generational curses.

Minister Brianna Headen hopes to provide readers with insight over the course of Naya’s journey, giving them the strength to break the bonds of unhealthy habits and find their way back to the path to God, where he is waiting to guide them once again.

The book is available from For more information on the book or the ministry, please contact Minister Brianna Headen or visit