GoCrazy Party Planners Enters UK Market

GoCrazy - party planning agency from Lithuania - enters UK market and will offer children’s party organisation services in London.

Online PR News – 28-January-2011 – – January 27, 2011 London, UK. The party planning agency called GoCrazy, specializing in hen night, slug party and kids party organisation, has started offering their services to London’s families with their most popular children's party - General birthday.

Going outside to celebrate one’s birthday is quite popular among the kids, therefore GoCrazy party planners has introduced their tested party scenarios to children in London. The scenarios of spies and generals were tested hundreds of times in Lithuania and proved to be very interesting and entertaining for 5-13 year kids. The parties are organised outside, therefore kids can play out of their everyday facilities and change the environment.

“We are very glad to organise some children’s parties here in London. Children are similar everywhere and they need to go outside and have some fun and entertainment. Our birthday parties requires some effort and creativity because we avoid in-door games and encourage children to move a little. For example one of our parties is called “General birthday” where the main boy is dressed like a military general and other participants are his soldiers. Altogether they must do some tasks, play some games and pretend they are real soldiers on a mission with guns and some shooting. Another party is indoor venue of spies with various spy equipement - secret bugs, micro-chips metal detectors, polygraph (lie detector) and other 007 gadgets. Sometimes it seems that we create a small MI6 for a couple of hours. Such games increases the physical strength of the participants and their will. Boys are really fond of such transformation.” - Vilius Aleksejunas, the party organiser and manager of GoCrazy, explained.

GoCrazy party planners has 5 years of experience organising kids birthday parties in Lithuania since 2006. Now GoCrazy has started working in London by arranging the party equipment, hiring local children-friendly party coordinators and other staff members. The main scenarios for kids are spies and general party mainly for boys and fairy party exclusively for girls. The scenarios are unique therefore interesting for UK kids. All equipment has been tested and is absolutely safe for kids from 5 years old.

“During the outside role playing party the kids are very active. They are running around, shouting and forgetting about the reality because of their strong imagination. This is really useful, especially when parents want to get them off TVs and computers. There is no such toy which can be so entertaining and valuable for all group of kids. The child whose birthday is celebrated has a special assignments therefore he always gets most of attention from party coordinators and the group of kids. Of course he must be a true leader. After the party is over the certificates of participation are issued, so children do not forget this adventure for some time, hopefully lifetime” - Vilius Aleksejunas has shared the insights about children’s parties from educational point of view.

GoCrazy just started entering UK market therefore not all the scenarios are available. The party planners has started from their most popular “General birthday” which involves some military equipment with tactical tasks and even imitation of shooting. This party theme is most popular in Lithuania, hopefully soon it will become popular among kids in UK. Another popular adventure for kids is indoor Spy game. GoCrazy also has some scenarios for hen night (bachelorette party) and slug party (bachelor’s night) which will offered to UK grooms and their best friends in a nearest future.

About party planners GoCrazy

Party planners GoCrazy are based in London, United Kingdom. They are experienced children and adult party (mainly hen night) planners with 5 years of experience. The children’s party scenarios as well as hen’s night (and slug party) has been tested lots of times in Lithuania and has got positive evaluation and testimonials from parents and adult party participants. Entering UK entertainment market is a big challenge for GoCrazy agency. For more information please visit http://www.go-crazy.co.uk website.