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24-7 TAN Announces the addition of Collagen Red Light Anti-Aging Therapy to its Henderson, Nevada location.

Online PR News – 28-January-2011 – – Reverse the aging process at 24-7 TAN with Red Light Collagen Phototherapy. This scientific technology uses photo rejuvenation with red light as a natural and safe method to trigger and increase in the body's natural collagen production and elastin which smooth’s and repairs the surface of your skin.
Henderson, NV. December 17, 2010 -- Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada’s 24-7 TAN Tanning Salon is introducing its clients to the latest development to hit the beauty industry: Red Light Phototherapy with Collagen Lamps. 24-7 TAN recently announced the addition of ProSun’s All Skin Rejuvenating Phototherapy Beds to its Henderson, Nevada location. Red Light Phototherapy is a safe all natural process that encourages your body to naturally produce enzymes, elastin fibers, and collagen that support the skin’s structure, thus producing younger, smoother, firmer feeling skin. The light was originally studied by NASA and has been shown to stimulate fibroblasts, which causes an increase in collagen and elastin, restoring the skin to its more supple state.
As the first of its kind in ProSun’s history, the All Skin Rejuvenating Phototherapy Bed looks like a tanning bed, but is set up entirely with red light collagen lamps with its sole emphasis on making the whole body look younger, with smoother, healthier skin. This bed is not equipped with tanning bulbs and will not tan your skin. The special red light stimulation bulbs in the photo rejuvenation system penetrate into the skin to repair damaged tissue, diminish lines, creases, furrows and crow's feet. It refines pore size and skin texture without peels, surgery or injections as well as corrects skin discolorations, fading age spots and hyperpigmentation. Other benefits are listed below.
Benefits of Red Light Collagen Lamps
• Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
• Firms and smoothens aged and tired skin
• Activates fibroblast cells which create collagen and elastin
• Advances moisture retention for a more youthful appearance
• Heals acne, blemishes and reduces pore size.
• Eliminates stretch marks
• Provides more consistent skin coloration and complexion
• Increases circulation due to increased formation of new capillaries
• Promotes oxygenation and restoration of skin’s natural cellular activity, keeping skin renewed and fresh
• Improves overall skin tone
• Helps repair sun-damaged skin
• Relieves pain and inflammation from arthritis, tendonitis, torn muscles, fibromyalgia, broken bones, sprains, strains, cuts or nerve damage.
24-7 Tan is proud to offer this new technology to its members and encourages members to take advantage of the many benefits of red light therapy and begin implementing red light phototherapy in conjunction with regular tanning sessions.
24-7 TAN recommends at least three 20 minute sessions a week for 12 weeks followed by a minimum of two 20 minute sessions a week after that. After four weeks of following this regimen, you will see a noticeable reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, facial blemishes and crow's feet. Ongoing, continual use of red light phototherapy produces even greater, more pronounced results.
Photo rejuvenation has been available for several years at spas but has been too expensive for many people until now. 24-7 TAN is proud to offer this service at a price affordable for members. Right now, Unlimited Monthly Red Light Phototherapy treatment packages can be purchased for as low as $29.95/month. This price also includes unlimited use of all of their tanning beds.
About 24-7 TAN
At 24-7 TAN, you can tan ANYTIME, day or night! Tanning beds are available to members 24 hours/day 365 days/year - whenever it is convenient for you. 24-7 TAN has made it simple. NO contracts + NO commitments and UNBEATABLE prices (Unlimited tanning for only $9.95).
Established in 2009
24-7 TAN is the first and only TRUE 24-hour tanning salon in the Las Vegas/Henderson area as well as the first salon in a soon-to-be 24-7 TAN franchise. 24-7 TAN was started with one main goal in mind - to provide affordable and convenient tanning to members during these brutal economic times. The concept is simple... by automating the entire tanning salon and utilizing a self-serve type of setting, 24-7 TAN is able to keep their overhead low and pass the savings onto their members. 24-7 TAN’s high-tech fingerprint control system not only provides members a safe and secure tanning environment but also gives them absolute freedom to tan on their own schedules.

To become a member, visit 24-7TAN between 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday at 1601 W. Warm Spring Rd. Henderson, NV 89014. For more information, go to their website http://www.24-7TAN.com or call (702) 256-TANS (8267). You can also become their fan on Face book and follow them on Twitter.