R.Kelly's Brother Bruce Kelly hosting free anti-violence showcase December 22

a stop the violence show for kids in ages 10-16 at theCook County Juvenile Temporary Dedtention Center

Online PR News – 09-December-2017 – Chilcago – To help bring awareness to the plight facing our Black and Brown youths, Bruce Kelly, R. Kelly’s brother and George Ivey are hosting a musical showcase at the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Dedtention Center 1100 s.Hamilton.According to the host Bruce Kelly, the private event which kicks off Friday, December 22 at 3:15 p.m., pays tribute to those that have been victims of violent crimes as well those who have lost someone all too early to senseless gun fire.rnWhen asked why our youth were attracted to the violence; Ivey said in a interview “In Chicago there is a thug mentality and it’s territorial. I wouldn’t necessarily blame it on rap but everybody wants to be a thug or a gangster,” he stated as a possible reason.Ivey shared that all the artists included on the roster, R&B singers from the West Side of Chicago, singers K’lah-Jenay, Elishama Tekoa, J-lyn, Trend & Topic, Jarius J Groove Groves, Latasha Johnson,Diamond Finnesse.rnrnGeorge Ivey the brain child of the event responded to the question, “What alternatives does his organization have for the young people caught up in the cycle of violence, that they may want to get out?”rnrn George Ivey said“A lot of these teenagers have talent. They sing, rap, draw and they have talent. We are going to help them put together demos and bring their dreams to life.”rnrn. Free music and lot’s of love. Show starts at 3;15pm sharp. Closed to the public.rnrnThe theme for this event is “putting down the guns and making peace.”