Aegis Adds Sencha Touch 1.0 To Its Kitty Of Innovative Mobile Technologies

Aegis Software is offshore software development company now used latest Sancha Touch 1.0 tools for making creative mobile application for Android and iOS based SmartPhone

Online PR News – 27-January-2011 – – Aegis Global Software has now added another service to its suite of IT products and services with the launch of Sencha Touch 1.0, which is the first HTML5 mobile Java script framework. Sencha Touch 1.0 is an open source framework that is being considered as one of the best for creating a range of rich mobile web applications. Since it is available free of cost, therefore at Aegis, our team of developers are already capitalizing on the myriad benefits of this technology to develop unique and innovative mobile applications for our clients. Through Sencha Touch we intend to create a spectrum of Internet applications across platforms for various kinds of mobile devices. We are geared to develop to applications for Android and IOS touch screen devices through using this latest technology of Sencha Touch.
But, our suite of products and services is not restricted to Sencha Touch as we even specialize in utilizing Java application development to create all kinds of different mobile applications. Our team possesses years of experience in J2ME or Java ME, which is the core platform for developing applications for PDAs, mobile devices and other embedded systems. Backed by knowledge and experience, we have been delivering out-of-the-box solutions to our clients looking for unique and innovative mobile applications. We constantly strive to customize our J2ME applications to suite the requirements of our clients and the same approach is being adopted with the latest Sencha Touch 1.0, HTML5 mobile Java Script. This technology too offers innumerable opportunities to customize and fine-tune as per our clients’ requirements and we do possess the essential requisites to fulfill the parameters.

Initiative is the key to meet the demands of our customers and Aegis is always ahead of others when it comes to taking new initiatives and adopting new technologies. We do march ahead armed with the knowledge and expertise of the latest and widely used platforms and interfaces. This is why our suite of J2ME mobile products and applications are not only diverse, they are innovative in every sense and do offer scalable returns to our clients. Considering the fast changing dynamics of the IT industry, it is important to stay abreast of the latest happenings and through the use of the latest J2Me solutions and Sencha Touch 1.0 we surely know how to make that happen. While the competition still catches up, we intend to be way ahead of others and leverage on the cutting edge advantage by already developing a suite of latest applications for the touch screen mobile through Sencha Touch 1.0

Aegis Global software has always pioneered and continues to do so through adapting to the latest and the newest technologies and platforms. This is the reason our team of experts are always a step ahead since they already possess the experience and the expertise to work on a diverse array of platforms. We intend to use the smart combination of J2ME technologies and Sencha Touch 1.0 to deliver products and applications that have the potential to create a huge market presence.