MNF Global, LLC Presents Steps to Take When Attorneys Lose Their Jobs

MNF Global, LLC presents steps to take when attorneys lose their law firm or in-house positions in this economy.

Online PR News – 31-October-2009 – – MNF Global, LLC presents steps to take when attorneys lose their law firm or in-house positions. Mark N. Fishman, Esq., the founder of MNF Global, states, “Like most recruiters, I am seeing numerous candidates that have been let go from top law firms regardless of their academic credentials and experience. What is important is to determine the steps to take to seek a new position rather than lamenting the past.” Mr. Fishman provides an outline of what do you do if this happens to you.

First, make sure you file for unemployment benefits with your state if eligible. I know some of you will feel a bit humiliated but these benefits will provide a consistent source of money to assist with some of your bills. Be cognizant of the limitations period to file your benefits in your state.

Second, give yourself time to think and plan ahead. Think about the work you have performed in your professional career and where you want to head. Taking the time to figure out the next step in your career is essential. If you disliked your job don’t plan on spending the next year trying to find the exact same job. Maybe this is a good time to find a better path for you. If you were in the mortgage securities practice it does not benefit you to try and find the same associate position – there is a real good chance you won’t.

Assess the skills you have used which may be helpful to transition to a different practice area. I know this can be frustrating especially if you spent years in school for a patent associate position or have been a litigator for 15 years at the same firm but you have to come up with a definite plan and look forward. There are contract opportunities out there now and this may bring you in the good graces with a firm when things pick up. Some of you are starting your own firm with a few clients. You may discover you are better suited for an alternative legal career or may possibly leave the practice of law altogether to start a business. Decide if it is best to stay in your present location. Some attorneys have decided that this was a good time to move to be closer to their family while others felt it was too difficult to move.

Third, have a laser focus and get organized. The more focused you are the easier it is to uncover all the avenues to a particular position. If you decide to stay with the practice of law it is inefficient and ineffective to shotgun your resume to endless firms you know nothing about. Most of these firms do not have positions open now in any event and it is better to call or have your recruiter contact the firm first. If you choose to use a recruiter provide a list of all the firms/companies you have contacted – most recruiters cannot send your resume to employers that you have sent a resume to in the last 12 months. Begin networking and tell your contacts exactly what you seek. You will get better returns if people know what you want. I suggest you go to a coffee house and write down 250 people you know connected with the legal field whether they are close friends, family or people you have met only a few times professionally. The people they know may end up finding you work. Keep track of everything you do!

Finally, remain positive. I know this seems difficult if not impossible but a positive attitude will make a big difference during your search. It will keep you motivated and certainly will help you during interviews with potential employers and contacts. One way to keep positive when you are feeling a bit down is to read and study books. Books that have helped me are from such authors as Napoleon Hill and Bob Proctor.

Mark N. Fishman, Esq. is the founder and president of MNF Global, LLC, a legal search firm focusing on intellectual property and corporate attorney searches. Mark has over 15 years of top law firm and in-house legal experience which provides a valuable resource for candidates and a high comfort level for employers. Mark graduated from Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Virginia, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Policy (business, economics and politics) with honors in 1986. In 1989, Mark graduated from Washington University School of Law in St. Louis, Missouri.

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