“The Adventures of Hair: A Journey Towards the Truth” by Clemens B. Schlettwein is published

Beautiful story and an outcry for ethical treatment of animals

Online PR News – 05-December-2017 – London, UK – ISBN #978-1787195127rnrn“The Adventures of Hair: A Journey Towards the Truth” by Clemens B. Schlettwein is publishedrnrnBeautiful story and an outcry for ethical treatment of animalsrnrnrnAbout the Book:rnrnThis novel of Clemens Schlettwein has been defined by Steven Jenkins as "A beautiful story; tough, inspiring, but above all, an outcry for the ethical treatment of animals. A powerful message destined to elevate the best and most profound aspects of the reader's conscience."rnrnWith fast and lively strokes, the author describes the journey, internal and external, of Hair, in a world where, just like in ours, love, pain and adventure overlap in many layers. A canvass that encompasses reality and mystery, crossing always through the spirit that aspires to calmness among the inexplicable confusion, which, being a reality, can hardly be understood. Without doubt, many readers will feel identified with the initiatory journey of Hair. A journey which, once stripped of its fantasy, distils in us a sense of fraternity that should cheer us on, and that will not wither even in the face of brutal confrontation with pure horror.rnrnrnAbout the Author:rnrnWhat perhaps best characterized the author, Clemens Schlettwein, is his spirituality, alive and in constant evolution, which is always reflected in his creations, whether his articles, essays or novels, or his work in animal protection through different NGO's in both Switzerland and Spain. Born in Switzerland, Clemens has also lived in the USA, UK, Australia and finally settled in Spain, where, together with his wife Gemma, they created the non-profit organization Fundacion Trifolium, which since 1998 works to protect animals and nature.rnrnClemens is, one could say, a modern-day nomad and pilgrim, an idealist and dreamer that calls on our door and invites us to sit in the street with him, to observe the Life that he so loves. The Earth is his home, and his soul is close to causes he understands to be loving, to be expanding of consciousness, such as, among others, the wellbeing of our friends, the animals. "For me," he says, "writing is creating consciously. I feel free when I write, and above all, at peace with myself."rnrnTo find out more about Clemens’ work in animal protection, see:rnwww.fundaciontrifolum.org rnrnrnReviews of the book:rnrn"And if we were animals... how would we feel? This novel shows us very powerfully." - Carl Freswickrnrn"...be prepared! After reading this book, you will never look at animals the same way anymore." - Regula Boghrnrn"What vanity, egoism or arrogance has made us feel owners of this world, tricking us into believing that the lives of others belong to us?" - Jose Maria Ruedarnrn"There are books that make us think, and this is one of them." - Christiane Mullerrnrn"It has made me feel what I really am, like an animal, restless and lost, just trying to somehow live in peace." - Sandra Bernasconirnrn"Clemens Schlettwein has created a beautiful fantasy, on a far-away planet, that in essence could not be closer to our realty. Sweet ignorance and brutal truth - yet not less sweet for it." - Jaime Francisco Munoz MoralesrnrnrnThe Adventure of Hair by Clemens B. Schlettwein is now available in hardback from Amazon at:rnrnhttps://www.amazon.co.uk/Adventures-Hair-Journey-Towards-Truth/dp/1787195120 rnrnrnPress/Media Contact Details:rnrnNew Generation PublishingrnTel. 01234 712 064rnE-mail: info@newgeneration-publishing.com