Tatsoft becomes a SyTech Strategic Partner

The leader of reporting solution SyTech announced Tatsoft has become a Strategic Partner providing seamless integration between XLReporter and FactoryStudio.

Online PR News – 05-December-2017 – Franklin, MA – December 5, 2017, Franklin, MA - SyTech Inc., the leading provider of automated report generation and data analysis software for industry, announced that Tatsoft llc has become a SyTech Strategic Partner providing seamless integration between the XLReporter and FactoryStudio.

Tatsoft is the developer of FactoryStudio, the world’s first HMI-SCADA platform built with pure Microsoft .NET that supports native PC, Tablet, Web, iPad, iPhone, Android, Linux, Raspberry Pi and Cloud environments. With an easy-to-use interface that leaves the old client/server Win32 GUI far behind, FactoryStudio looks and navigates like a website. The Strategic Partner relationship ensures that customers are delivered a robust, cost-effective, “out-of-the-box” solution.

With XLReporter’s custom connectors to FactoryStudio and intuitive point-and-click configuration, Users easily create informative drill-down, summary, utilization and regulatory reports from real-time, historical and alarm data. Completed reports are distributed via web pages, networked printers, PDF files and email.

“Having out-of-the box connectivity between XLReporter and FactoryStudio streamlines the process of populating reports which deliver meaningful information, provide insight, and help create state-of-the-art solutions.” says Dave Hellyer, Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing for Tatsoft.

"The partnership of Tatsoft and SyTech is a solid endorsement of the value XLReporter brings to applications that require reporting," states Peter Kaprielian, CTO of SyTech. “With Excel as its design studio, reports can use all the features offered by Excel and also take advantage of existing State regulatory reports, significantly increasing user productivity.”

About SyTech
SyTech is a team of passionate people dedicated to building and delivering the best reporting software and analytic solutions for process automation and industry. Our award-winning product, XLReporter, offers unparalleled access to over 70 leading industrial data sources including standards such as ODBC, OLE DB, OPC DA, OPC HDA and OPC UA, providing fast and flexible solutions that are cost effective and rapid time-to-value.

Founded in 1994, SyTech is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA. Our products are resold by automation software distributors and OEMs with implementations in over 80 countries around the world and endorsed by small municipal facilities as well as major international manufacturers and Fortune 500 companies. www.SyTech.com.

About Tatsoft
Tatsoft was founded to provide state-of-the-art software products and tools for the rapid development of automation projects, data acquisition, monitoring, control processes and business-intelligence applications. Tatsoft serves leading enterprises in areas of energy, water, transportation asset-management, manufacturing, and supply chain management. Tatsoft creates complete, efficient and effective technology solutions to enhance their clients’ performance and to improve social relationships. Tatsoft’s design methodology, developed over twenty plus years of working in the field, results in software built for real time data acquisition and analysis, intuitive advanced data visualization and reporting, and cutting edge process integration. Tatsoft.com