1964 World's Fair Misses the Boat on Automation

Home automation has advanced well beyond the predictions of the 1964 World's Fair. Today, control lights, heating, lawn care and more from your phone or tablet.

Online PR News – 10-January-2018 – Houston, TX – More than 50 years has passed since the 1964 New York World’s Fair, when more than 51 million visitors descended on Queens, New York to marvel over a range of technological innovations and predictions. Visitors were transported from those exhibits into an imaginative future unfurling before them.

A half-century later, it’s fun to revisit some of those predictions against reality to see which ones were right on the money and which were way off the mark. For instance, one of the most popular exhibits, the Bell Telephone System pavilion, featured a “picturephone” that would allow callers to see who they were talking to. Years later, Skype and FaceTime video calls are now old hat for many.

At that World’s Fair, one of the themes that emerged was about how the information age, especially automation, would save humans time and labor. New products for home, car, and office used new plastics and other cutting-edge synthetics, including some miracle fabrics manufactured by DuPont. Today, many of us wear clothing every day or for working out that are made of technical or synthetic fabric, and it’s accepted as an everyday thing.

For all of the creative and futuristic visions the World’s Fair offered, many of those predictions were bound to never reach American homes. From the vantage point of the early 21st century, though, it’s fun to consider how far we’ve come, and what home automation capabilities are at your fingertips today. We often implement solutions that include Control4 controls that let you tailor your environment exactly to your wishes, such as:

Easy and optimal System Control.

Is your TV area strewn with remotes? Do your family members struggle to find their favorite show or shift over to a movie from TV? When we’ve set up your system, you (as well as the less technologically adept members of your clan) will be able to accomplish exactly what you want with the press of one button.

Tailor your lighting.

Turn lights on or off, dim them, or control multiple lights in “scenes” with one button press. Or, pre-set your lights to turn on at sunset automatically each day, with no adjustment necessary from you. You’ll also finally be able to stop yelling at your kids to “turn off the lights!” because it will happen automatically.

Adjust your thermostat from anywhere, anytime.

You can control your thermostat from your smartphone, wherever you have a signal. Want to make sure you come into to a toasty home on a cold day? Bump it up a few degrees from your office before you even start your commute.

Install a Video Doorbell.

With a video doorbell, when someone rings, you’ll get a call to your smartphone—you can see who is there and interact with him or her with one-way video and two-way audio.

Automate your sprinkler system.

By putting your lawn care on automatic, you’ll be able to let go of worrying about when to water or for how long. Our sprinkler system can adjust for rainfall in your area, so you’ll never look like the rube whose sprinklers are watering the lawn in the torrential rain.

Use an Alexa to track your grocery list.

We can set up systems that help you remember what you need when you’re thinking of it—so that you’re not racking your brain later for that thing you were supposed to remember.

Home automation frees you to tailor your environment to exactly what you wish. Could the 1964 World’s Fair have predicted this sort of sophistication? Not even close. Ready to bring it home? Let’s talk.

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