Proper Home Insulation Can Increase Comfort and Reduce Heating Costs During Winter

The pros at Service One want homeowners to know that proper insulation could help reduce energy bills this winter

Online PR News – 30-November-2017 – Orlando, FL – Believe it or not, it does get cold in Florida in the winter! And Floridians know the cost of heating is just as high as the cost of AC. That is why the pros at ServiceOne, one of Orlando’s leading AC, heating and plumbing companies, wants homeowners to know that proper insulation could help reduce energy bills this winter.

According to the United States Department of Energy, adding winter insulation to an under-insulated home can make the house feel more comfortable and reduce energy bills so dramatically that the insulation pays for itself in a few years. Floors above unheated garages, foundations, ducts and basements are all good candidates for insulation. In preparation for winter, Service One recommends the priority should be attics, cathedral ceilings and exterior walls.

Here are some tips from Service One:

Insulate Attics, a Common Heat-Loss Trouble Spot
The attic is one of the most common problem areas for inside heat to escape outside. Loose-fill or batt insulation are the most common types of insulation material in the attic. Before insulating the attic, it is important to make roof repairs and plug any leaks. Vertical walls in front of attic spaces, called "knee walls," should be insulated and air sealed, as should the attic access point.
Keep Inside Temps Consistent by Insulating Cathedral Ceilings
Insulation is the best way to keep cathedral ceilings as close to room temperature as possible, which ensures an even temperature level throughout the home. Foil-faced batt insulation is common in this situation because it is permeable, which is important for homes without attics. Just as with attics, it is crucial to keep cathedral ceilings not just insulated, but properly ventilated as well.
Take a Look at Exterior Wall Insulation too
For exterior walls, consider using blow-in insulation with the dense-pack technique, which creates a great air seal. If the home is not under renovation and the walls are closed, use injectable spray foam to create minimal disturbance. If the walls will be opened during a remodel, consider using two-part spray foam or wet spray cellulose insulation.

“When winter is on its way, I tell my customers that insulation is one of the most practical and cost effective ways to make a house more cozy,” said Bill Gouty, Service One founder and president. “If your home is poorly insulated, either because it wasn’t insulated properly to begin with or because of age, please give us a call at Service One. We can help.”


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