Response Software Launches Dynamic Hire Software Solution

Comprehensive Software Provides Efficient and Affordable Recruiting Solution.

Online PR News – 30-November-2017 – Tampa, Florida – Response Software Inc. – a fast-growing software startup in the recruitment industry – announces today the launch of its hiring software solution, Dynamic Hire. The comprehensive software solution offers an efficient, effective, and affordable option for organizations that do not have an in-house recruitment resource. In addition to storing and screening applicants’ information, Dynamic Hire provides innovative, one-way video interview capabilities that save time and money in the recruitment process.

“Dynamic Hire was built to solve a problem we identified in the recruitment process – mostly the time-intensive process of in-person interviews,” said Robert Ward, president of Response Software, Inc. “Now, organizations can easily screen applicants without having to worry about travel, no shows, or the lack of a dedicated recruitment team.”

How Dynamic Hire Works

With Dynamic Hire, organizations can streamline the process of finding viable candidates to hire. The web-based software builds a comprehensive database of candidates’ information – most notably a video interview.

The one-way video interviews are recorded by the applicants on their own time and submitted securely via the Dynamic Hire software. Organizations outline interview questions for the position so that each candidate can submit their answers via video interview. The videos are stored securely on the software platform and can be viewed by recruiters on their own time.

The pre-recorded video process saves time, money, and frustration for both the interviewer and interviewee. There’s no need to find a mutual time to Skype or telephone, no need to travel for an in-person interview, and interview videos can be revisited easily. For organizations looking to cut costs or that don’t have a dedicated recruitment team, Dynamic Hire can be invaluable.

The Cost Savings of Dynamic Hire

In addition to saving time and money for hiring organizations, Dynamic Hire is designed to be cost effective for companies and organizations. The software platform is available for one-time-only charge for the licensing fee. After that, the buyer is able to use Dynamic Hire indefinitely – with no monthly fee or recurring subscription charges.

Instead of monthly subscription fees, Dynamic Hire operates with Interview Credits. Buyers receive 100 interview credits included with the licensing purchase. If more interviews are needed, the organization can purchase more credits as needed. The pricing model allows for organizations to only spend as much as they use – rather than be burdened with a regularly occurring subscription costs.

About Response Software, Inc.

Response Software Inc. is a software solution developer focused on serving the recruitment and hiring industry. Its flagship product, Dynamic Hire, provides an affordable and cost saving solution for interviewing and hiring process.