Elisiontec Announced to Offer Keyword Spotting Solution in an Audio Recording

Elisiontec launched a new solution of keyword spotting in the recorded audio clip. It can be used with any telecom and communication applications and solutions.

Online PR News – 30-November-2017 – Charlotte – Elision Technolab LLP, more commonly known as Elisiontec, is one of the leading VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) development companies from India. The main office of the company is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The company has been offering innovative solutions to its customers across the Globe for more than a decade. Recently, the spokesperson of the company made an announcement about their solution of phonetic keyword search in an audio clip. This solution can be used with any kind of small telecom application as well as the biggest communication solutions. This solution can also be used as an individual application under the assistance of developers of Elisiontec.

The stated solution can be used to identify a specific keyword from a recorded audio clip. The solution is powerful enough to identify one or more areas in the audio clip which has occurrence(s) of the mentioned keyword or phrase. This solution can be very helpful to identify the alert words or specific phrases from a small to large audio clip.

“This saves a lot of time of reviewer as the supervisor or reviewer will not require listening to the whole conversation. This is one of the most powerful tools for ensuring the best quality of service. If we take an example, in the call center or a customer care center, it is very important to ensure the agents are very much polite and not using any wrong word to the customers. This can be identified by using this keyword spotting solution in the recorded calls. This way the agent calls can be screened for alerting words. Further, this information can be used for strategic training programs. This solution can be used in many other applications. One more example is, lead handling. The sales executive needs to be very polite and avoid using specific types of words. With usage of keyword spotting solution, the senior business developers can spot the words which shouldn’t be used in a specific type of business conversation. As I said, there are many more as such applications of keyword spotting application; as much as you can think a use case of it.”, shared spokesperson of the company.

The spokesperson of the company further shared how this solution works. According to the shared details, the user needs to enter the “keyword” or “phrase”, which needs to be searched in a predefined audio clip. The Keyword spotting solution will run an algorithm to identify the areas where the specified word is occuring. It will display all areas which are having the specified word. On the other hand, if the audio clip doesn’t have the specified word, then the solution will return the message such as “The word doesn’t appear in the audio clip”.

The spokesperson of the company shared use cases of the keyword spotting solution. Some of them are listed below:
• Finding competitor’s name
• Finding a company’s name
• Finding alerting or abusive words
• Finding mistaken discount offers
• And many more

The spokesperson of the company has shared the details in a blog which is available at the following link: http://www.elisiontec.com/keyword-spotting-in-an-audio-clip-empowered-telephony-applications/