Announcing The Launch Of Sarangi, The Kanjivaram Sari Store

Announcing The Launch Of Sarangi, The Kanjivaram Sari Store

Online PR News – 31-October-2009 – – Sarangi announces the launch of its first store at 17a, Sterling Avenue,
Nungambakkam, Chennai 600034, India. A recital by renowned flautist Shri B.V.
Balasai and party, will mark its formal opening on Friday, November 6.


The Kanjivaram - arguably the queen of silks - reigns supreme as the most versatile, breathable, durable, and exquisitely comfortable sari known to the world. It is a natural insulator and possesses the unique ability to draw moisture away from your skin. It is a sophisticated masterpiece of technique and skill that has evolved over centuries. Blessed by the unique confluence of history, geography and culture of Kanchipuram, the city of a thousand temples, the master weavers of this land elevated the handwoven silk sari to high art.

To own a Kanjivaram is to know that each sari is so different and so special that no
two can ever be exactly alike. To wrap yourself in the luxury of a Kanjivaram is to
know that somebody’s complete attention was on that weaving for many days. To
experience the magic of a Kanjivaram is to know that you are wearing a sari that is at
once smart, stylish, sensual and classic.


Sarangi celebrates the spirit of the Kanjivaram with a range of saris that are elegant,
beautiful and always special. Never blatanly modern, each sari is designed keeping
the aesthetics and sensibility of The Kanjivaram in mind.

This is a venture by S.Ahalya and Prabodh Jain, the promoters of Rasvihar. “We see
Kanjivaram silk saris as complimentary to Rasvihar jewellery. Both share similar
aesthetic sensibilities and are rooted in their Indian-ness.”, says Ahalya, jewellery
designer, and, now, the curator of Sarangi. “To me when something is beautiful,
whether it’s jewellery or silk saris, there’s harmony, meaning and purpose. And for
that to happen it must compliment their personality and be relevant to their life &
lifestyle.”, adds Ahalya.

The name Sarangi is inspired by the Indian musical instrument of the same name,
whose sound is as expressive and evocative as a hundred colours. The word sarangi
is derived from two Hindi words: sau (meaning "hundred") and rang (meaning


Sarangi is housed in a vintage 1963 bungalow, tastefully modified to suit the
requirements of a sari store. It shares space with Rasvihar, the jewellery store. “I
wanted to create a space that offers privacy, luxury and comfort to my clients. A
space where they could browse at their leisure, in a relaxing environment.”, says

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with
S.Ahalya, please call Prabodh Jain +91.94440.53507 or email