How to Pick Up Any Woman You Want In Just Seven Days?

You can start picking up any women you like in just 7 days by mastering the art of seduction from the Indian Hitch through his systematic guide on how to attract women.

Online PR News – 21-January-2009 – – Are you depressed because you consider yourself a failure when it comes to attracting women? Are you at the verge of a breakdown unable to face your own failures in picking up women of your choice? You don’t have to worry anymore; you can now count on the help that you can get from the ‘Indian Hitch’ whose first hand experience will teach you how to attract women.

This is not about pep talks from yet another pickup artist in the dating industry. You can learn new skills from the personal experience of the best dating coach who was someone just like you, who walked in the very shoes that you are walking now. He was unpopular, a very regular guy and no woman would bother to take a second look at him. He was a failure when it came to women all his life and he even went to the extent of committing suicide. However, he decided to change things for the better and he managed to. Therefore, what we are talking here is not some theoretical knowledge that we find in books, but practical help that we can get from someone who has managed to pull himself up from his own sufferings and master the art of seduction.

This master of seduction popularly known as 'The Indian Hitch' has published a highly resourceful eBook on seduction and how to attract women that is 226 pages long. This eBook also features embedded videos for over 3 hours. This eBook is your bible to seduction with a step-by-step guide that will help you attract women in the shortest time possible. With the help and guidance of this eBook, you will be able to pick up your girl in just 7 days time. He employs a proven methodology of his own that is entirely different from the regular approaches of a pickup artist and groundbreaking strategies that will teach you how to pickup any woman you like. He teaches you how to be real when it comes to attracting women.

If you were to look for the best time to make efforts on mastering the art of seduction and to learn exciting new skills that will help you pickup any woman, then it would be now, as we are getting ready for the Valentine’s Day. There is a lot of difference in learning from someone who has personally undergone these difficult times than from a book that builds its arguments based on theories on human psychology and human behavior.

The Indian Hitch also offers coaching to students who want to master the art of seduction. You don’t have to have the looks of Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt, you can be just another regular and average looking guy but still you can pick up the most attractive women with the help of the Indian Hitch. He is going to select a lucky winner on this Valentine’s day whom he will coach personally on the art of seduction for free. This training normally costs $2500 and he wants to do this to share with others the skills that he has acquired after personally enduring those difficult days that you are undergoing now.

It is time to get rid of those weak traits of yours that keep women away from you and learn to be real so that you can enjoy a good life that you deserve. He also runs live training programs to help men acquire skills to pick up any women they like. For more information, please visit